9.2 PvP Feedback

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#1 - March 6, 2022, 8:40 p.m.
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Currently all PvPers have zero way of gaining new conduits because all the worldquests which use to give upgraded conduits or even items which use to upgrade the conduits through some kind of grind have absolutely vanished and been replaced with no way of gaining new conduits for the middle of the grind.

Certain specs remain so insane that everytime blizzard seems to balance them it just ruins the PvP experience for literally anyone besides those playing the FOTM for both Arena and RBGS

I think that while certain classes remain strong it really needs to be a balance bringing up the classes that are underperforming cause right now its literally just Bm hunters, Rdruids, Hpreist, and Demon hunters dominating everyone because they seem to be favorites of someone designing the balance changes. Examples like removing ring countering rdruid bubble tranq just cause it would actually work to counter it. I honestly think that’s like removing Shattering throw because pallies are losing divine shield.

I think blizzard also forgets that people JUST want to Q arena and all these quests and grinds and reputations that are required even the short ones are just in place to force someone who stands in oribos all day and Qs arena to grind out something they absolutely hate. I have been hearing this complaint from literally everyone.

Blizzard just really needs to change something because these are the same problems last patch and the patch before it.

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#5 - March 10, 2022, 8:18 p.m.
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Yes! The hotfix for this went out to all regions about 20 minutes ago.


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#8 - March 18, 2022, 2:09 a.m.
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Hello! Wargames for solo shuffle exists and was detailed in our patch notes. Reposting here for your convenience.

War Games can be created with the chat commands:
/soloshufflewargame <friend's BattleTag without # or numbers> <optional map name>
/sswg <friend's BattleTag without # or numbers> <optional map name>

Example: /sswg <Desvin> <nagrand>

Both players must be party leaders and their party members must total to 6 and have the correct active specializations selected for a valid Solo Shuffle composition.

The chat command to spectate the war game is:
/invitespectatorsoloshufflematch <BattleTag of friend 1> <BattleTag of friend 2> <optional map name>

Example: /invitespectatorsoloshufflematch <Linxy> <Kaivax> <nagrand>

All 3 players must be party leaders. Friend 1 and Friend 2’s parties must be a valid shuffle composition of 6. All players in the party of the player who sends the command will be spectators and given the spectator UI in the game. "