Shadowlands Season 2 Arena Cutoff Concern

#1 - Feb. 23, 2022, 2:56 a.m.
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Good Evening Blizzard,

My team and I recently concluded our exciting adventure that was Shadowlands Season 2 Arena.

We entered our final arena game at 12:57AM EST on 2/22/22 and emerged victorious at 1:01AM, four minutes later. The DK on our team was then the highest rated DK on the Americas ladder at 3464 rating.

We shortly realized that the final victory of the active arena season did not show on our armory or ladder ranking (still shows 3452). It is our understanding that a game started prior to the cutoff time of 1:00AM EST should be considered when evaluating end of season rewards.

Is there a way to elevate this concern and ensure an accurate count?

We have sufficient evidence to confirm the details of what happened and am happy to share. I just want to make sure that you, Blizzard, are already aware of this issue to ensure a fair end of the season for everyone.

Please let me know if any action is needed on our part.

Thank you!

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#56 - Feb. 23, 2022, 10:57 p.m.
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We can clarify how things work in a case like this.

A game needs to conclude prior to the cutoff time.

Rewards are based on a snapshot of the ladder that was taken at precisely 1:00.000 a.m. EST on Tuesday. Play results that were determined after that time are considered post-season results.

Several people above have correctly noted that the cutoff ratings for various levels of rewards usually go down when rewards go out, as players who are found to have misbehaved are removed from the final calculations. In this particular case, that may be enough to help the unnamed Death Knight over the finish line. But it may not.