#1 - Feb. 20, 2014, 6:28 p.m.
Blizzard Post
So I don't have to keep writing this every time this subject comes up. Will try to address all the 'imbalances' people bring up and attempt to keep it short.

"Horde have to kill all the archers in bunkers while Alliance have to kill none!"

This is false. Horde have to kill a bowman in one bunker (Dun Baldar South), while the Alliance have to kill one bowman (Iceblood). The other bunkers all have spots you can stand in where you will not be hit by any archers.

(Screenshot of where to stand in Stonehearth Bunker from Scylvendi http://i.imgur.com/RK8ZI.jpg )

"The bridge is the best chokepoint!"

No. It's a great chokepoint, but in order to utilise it the Alliance sacrifices 50% (250) of total reinforcements. If the Alliance are forced to use this, they've likely already lost. The Iceblood chokepoint in comparison has the potential to protect all of the Horde's resources, as well as providing a rain of arrows from the nearby tower.

Since the snow mounds were shovelled out and the hole in the fence fixed as of patch 5.4.7, Frostwolf Village now has two strong chokepoints as well.

"The Alliance can reach the Horde base faster than we can reach theirs" or "The Alliance reaches Galvangar faster than we can reach Balinda!"

Wrong. Both factions can reach the opposite's faction aid station or relief hut within 3-4 seconds of each other.

As for the captains, both sides again reach them within 2 seconds of each other.

"It's easier for the Alliance to defend capped towers because a Moonkin or Shaman can typhoon us out indefinitely. Bunkers are open to stealth recaps."

Towers favour melee, bunkers favour ranged. Towers are an enclosed space so naturally are easier to defend... so why do the Horde never start in towers? My shaman is able to single handedly protect a tower for a few minutes very easily.

Anyone that's not AFK will be able to see if anyone is trying to recap bunkers. There's a giant red swirling mist that appears when that happens.

"The Horde have to run out of the cave to mount, whereas they can mount up straight away."

Even with this the two teams reach the Field of Strife at the same time, with the Horde still being able to reach Stonehearth Bunker before the Alliance can reach Iceblood Tower.

"Captain Balinda Stonehearth has an Ice Block! The Horde have to turn to get into her fortress!"

It's a 4 second Ice Block that can be dispelled through various class abilities. It makes no difference to the tide of the battle because she could be immune to damage all game and you would still send 35 players to attack her the whole time.

Both bosses are reached at the same time regardless of the Horde having to turn a corner (omg, so difficult!)

"The Alliance Aid Station is protected by several elites, the bowmen and a giant dragon that kills anyone that gets near!"

The Aid Station is protected by 4 guards just like every other graveyard in Alterac Valley. The NPCs nearby will not attack you if you do not run straight through them casting Arcane Explosions. The archers will attack others if you are not the only one in the base and if you are, you can drop their aggro range by running slightly into Vanndar Stormpike's bunker.

"The Alliance mine is right by their starting cave whereas the Horde one is no where near!"

So? No one dies at the start of the game and by the time any players meet (or reach the bosses), the Horde will have had ample opportunity to cap the Coldtooth Mine.

"Blizzard moved the Horde cave back to specifically make Alliance win Alterac Valley"

No, they moved the cave back to equalize the battleground. Prior to the cave being pushed back, the Horde could pass Stonehearth Graveyard (and already contest the bunker, Balinda and the graveyard) just as the Alliance reached Icewing Bunker.

I shall add more as players come up with them because they will inevitable create more.