FEEDBACK: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market -- Streets of Wonder

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#1 - Jan. 6, 2022, 11:02 p.m.
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Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: Streets of Wonder

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding Tazavesh, the Veiled Market: Streets of Wonder. Providing your group’s composition, keystone level, and any logs is helpful.

Thank you for coming to help test Tazavesh!

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#11 - Jan. 27, 2022, 8:06 p.m.
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Quelling Strike targeting pets is a bug for sure and will be fixed. I’ve also passed along the report about Shadow Priest 4pc. This is very helpful thank you!

Work on tuning is still ongoing, so please continue to share any thoughts you have on difficulty and we’ll take a look!