#1 - Nov. 9, 2013, 8:30 p.m.
Blizzard Post

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will bring with it a plethora of new user interface (UI) improvements, from improved quest tracking to a better inventory system to new ways of storing heirlooms and toys.

Quest Log

For the next expansion, we're updating the quest UI to make it easier to know just where to go and what to do. The quest log will now be organized to show which quests fall into main-story-arc quests and which are side quests so you won’t have to worry about missing out on important story elements before moving onto the next area. Keep in mind there may still be some surprises along the way, and not everything will be listed—we don't want your quest log to spoil all the fun!

Inventory System

Inventory system improvements We’re making a number of improvements to the inventory system and adding features to remove some of the clutter.
  • Quest Items: Quest items will no longer occupy space in your inventory, and will instead be moved to the Quest UI.
  • Sortable Bags: Soon, there will be no more browsing through dozens of icons trying to locate the item you’re looking for. Items you collect or earn will instead go into the bag you designate for those items.
    • Bags can be designated for particular types of items such as armor, consumables, gray items, etc.
    • In addition, borders of item icons will be colored indicate item quality, and gray items (that can be safely sold to a vendor) will have a gold coin icon.
  • Craft Directly from the Bank: Craft or enchant directly from materials in your bank. There’s no need to withdraw the materials, craft or enchant the item, and then deposit the materials back at the bank.
  • Collections: Collections provide account-wide tracking for heirlooms and toys—more on that below.


Heirlooms and fun toy items accumulated over the course of your travels will now reside in the Collections system, so they'll no longer take up valuable inventory space. Once obtained, the item will be accessible by all characters on the account. Want to complete the collection? Like the Mount and Pet Journals, items that have not been unlocked will show information on how the item can be obtained. The Collections system is broken down into two main parts:


heirloom collection
Heirlooms are now truly cross-realm and account-bound. All characters on the account (new and old) will be able to summon the heirlooms that have been unlocked straight into their inventories!

Toy Box

toy box collection

You’ll now be able to collect all of your favorite toys and fun items without the guilt of having to delete them for additional inventory space. Puntable Marmot, I’m looking at you.