Class Set Feedback: Monk

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#1 - Dec. 1, 2021, 10:40 p.m.
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In this thread, we’re gathering focused feedback on the Monk class set, coming in Eternity’s End.

Please note that initially in the PTR, class sets are a work in progress and will undergo substantial design changes in the near future. We’ll let you know the details of those changes as they are developed, both here in this thread and in our Development Notes thread.

Thank you for testing Eternity’s End with us!

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#17 - Dec. 2, 2021, 1:55 a.m.
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Greetings, monastic adherents. As you test the set bonuses on PTR, some notes and known issues:

  • Mistweaver 4pc has a known issue which causes it to break Soothing Mist after drinking Thunder Focus Tea. This issue will be resolved in a future build.
  • Brewmaster 4pc will be redesigned in a future build. We’ve heard your feedback that you’d prefer a more focused bonus and will be acting on that desire.