Class Set Feedback: Druid

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#1 - Dec. 1, 2021, 10:38 p.m.
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In this thread, we’re gathering focused feedback on the Druid class set, coming in Eternity’s End.

Please note that initially in the PTR, class sets are a work in progress and will undergo substantial design changes in the near future. We’ll let you know the details of those changes as they are developed, both here in this thread and in our Development Notes thread.

Thank you for testing Eternity’s End with us!

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#71 - Dec. 17, 2021, 6:51 p.m.
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Greetings, druids!

As mentioned, the next PTR build will be arrive after the New Year. That said, we know you want to hear about the newest iteration of the Restoration tier set and didn’t want to keep you waiting over the holidays. Below is our latest iteration of the Restoration set expected to appear in the next PTR build:


  • 2-piece: Healing from Rejuvenation has a 25% chance to grant Renewing Bloom, healing 356 over 8 sec. Swiftmend can consume Renewing Bloom.
  • 4-piece: Every 3 casts of Swiftmend grants you Incarnation: Tree of Life for 9 seconds.

We appreciate all the feedback provided and look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new set bonuses. Thank you!