Nightborne Male Faces Still Need Fixing! (PTR 40496)

#1 - Sept. 15, 2021, 10:51 p.m.
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Ok seriously, probably the biggest criticism for Nightborne since the eye shape (which has been addressed), both male and female, are that their faces look OLD. Why do they look old? Because of a combination of harsh expression lines, wrinkles, and eye bags on many of the faces, and an overuse of the “scowl” specific to the males. Why is this even a thing?

Let’s take a look at the male faces as they are:

(click to enbiggen!)

I’ve critiqued each face as of the most recent PTR update (40290). The overall review is that most of the faces look old and angry. To the point that it seems like whoever is in charge of the Nightborne male faces has some sort of unhealthy fetish with the elderly.

Now let’s take a look at what just a touch of photoshop can do:

(click to enbiggen!)

I left several of the faces untouched, because there’s nothing wrong with a few older, angrier, scowling faces. I just don’t believe that most players want that to be the bulk (or even half) of the options. Several faces are fine if not for the scowl. I made a passing attempt to photoshop out the scowl on several faces, smooth expression lines around the mouth and cheekbones, and smooth out wrinkles on the forehead bags under the eyes.

Please, please please, Blizzard artists take a look at this and do something… anything to make more of the male faces look younger and attractive, and for all that is unholy, please use that scowl sparingly. HALF of the faces currently use that snarl and that is just way too much IMO!

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#31 - Oct. 1, 2021, 9:31 p.m.
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We’ve taken a look at the male Nightborne faces based on your feedback and found a bug that has caused them to be a little angrier than intended. The issue has been fixed and the changes should be available on the PTR next week.

Please let us know what you think when they’re available and thank you for your ongoing feedback about the 9.1.5 character customizations. :blush: