#1 - July 7, 2021, 2:44 a.m.
Blizzard Post

We’re currently working on a change that will make upgrading your Shards of Domination more rewarding in Sanctum of Domination. Specifically, we’re making it so that the bonuses this system grants you while in Sanctum of Domination, Torghast, Korthia, or the Maw grow in power over time.

With this change, the Blood Link, Winds of Winter, and Chaos Bane rune words will grow based on the strength of the Shards that are granting them to you. For example, if you upgrade your three Blood shards (Shard of Bek, Shard of Jas, and Shard of Rev) from their base form to Ominous Shards, the power of your Blood Link bonus will increase.

While these bonuses are not yet in play, we wanted to give you an early notice about this change to help ensure that as you spend Stygian Embers on Shard upgrades, you have as much information on hand as possible.