Will prob be flamed but I like LFR

#1 - Nov. 20, 2013, 3:04 p.m.
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I took over 7 month break from wow and did not use LFR during Cata.
I was dubious last week going into LFR after the horror stories I read about on the forums.

I have to say I actually really like the concept of LFR. Sure I get why some don't like it as they see it as easy gear etc etc.
I have never been hardcore but used to raid a lot with a guild on diff chars.
However I am not taking the game seriously anymore and just want to have some fun.
LFR has given me and also some others I play with an opportunity to see content without being in a raiding guild.
For that I am grateful.

I know a lot say that most people afk and rude people in LFR. Barr the odd snotty tank. I have to say there have been no problems. Not sure if I have been lucky but from what I read I was expecting it to be aweful.

Only time I was not too happy was few days ago we wiped on a boss for first time. A tank said kick anyone under 50k dps. Luckily i was much higher than that but I thought that was harsh!
Was also my first time on that boss like some of the others.

Anyway don't mean to waffle. My point is I know a lot hate this feature but personally I am grateful for it.
Sure I would love to raid with a guild again, but time is an issue lately and I don't want to fully commit. LFR is a nice feature for me overall. I am probably in the minority but just wanted to say anyway.
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#13 - Nov. 20, 2013, 4:25 p.m.
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20/11/2013 15:04Posted by Karpa
I am probably in the minority but just wanted to say anyway.

I really don't think you are. We can see by the numbers that it's a popular feature. As is the way with most things, if you're fine with something you're unlikely to make a thread about it—so thank you for going to the trouble :D

Having said that, people do have valid issues with game features from time to time, and we make sure to pass on that feedback to the developers so they can decide whether to make any adjustments, and hopefully improve the game experience for everyone. We've made a number of tweaks to LFR since it was introduced based on your feedback, so also a big thanks to those who have highlighted other aspects.

Basically, we really appreciate good or bad feedback about LFR or any other game features, as long as it's constructive!