Dealing damage as a Frost Mage in PvP 5.4 - 2.8k Mage

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Hej guys,

Ive still been getting alot of reactions on a post i once did @Mage forums, explaining the damage was fine and people should contact me ingame so i could give them some advice. Since im still getting loads of questions, and still seeing these threads, I decided to make a new one, short but constructive.

1. Ways of doing damage, and what you will need.
First off all, for the mages who have not macrod their trinkets, this is one of ur highest prioritys. Macro your on-use trinket together with Frozen orb, to get more damage out.
/use Tyrannical Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
/cast Frozen Orb
Next up, reforging/gemming for PvP and why:
- Red Sockets: Briljant Primordial Diamond, 160+ Intellect
Intellect if your prime damage, simple as that
- Yellow Sockets: Reckless Vermilion Onyx, 80+ Intellect and 160+ Haste
Haste is your highest reforge/cap priority, i will explain that abit down.
- Blue Sockets: Im not entirely sure on this, but ive seen 2 good options:
Perfect Veiled Roguestone, 80+intellect and 160+ hit. Intellect is your main stat, you will mainly be gemming blue sockets like this for the extra damage, save 1 reforge and get the socket bonus, since this season it always seems worth it.
Lightning Wild Jade, 160+haste and 160+hit. Haste is your priority and ofc you need to be hitcapped. Gemming these hit will spare you 1 reforge, so you will end up having more haste.
- Meta Sockets: Burning Primordial Diamond, no question about this. Increases all your crit damage done by 3%, which will affect Icelance and FFB.

Next up: you can chose to either get your Icicle stacks (which i would HEAVILY recommend, even if its just 2-3 stacks from insta procs) or to simple Orb and spam Ice Lances. I got a few methods for these:

- Spam Icelance, dont care about Icicles 'method'
Alot of Mages dont care about Icicles, and chose to just spam the Ice Lances when they can. You can do this, but you will have to get some trinket procs etc to make this work. 32k Icelances will tickle the enemy, and make Warriors laugh since it actually has a hard time outdamaging Second Wind in defensive stance or Wall, also makes them laugh cause Slam noncrits for the same amount.
First off all, when you chose to Ice Lance spam, you should know:

Eventhough i wouldnt recommend Ice Lance spam that much (since Zoo isnt up forever, nor will enemys stack that much), if you do, make sure you line some trinkets with it. WHenever i go for Ice Lance spam, i make sure i got ATLEAST my Incanters Ward up.

Tools for Icelance Spam:
- FROZEN ORB - The more targets ur Frozen Orb hits, the more procs you will get. Whenever i meet KFC and the Hunter pops Zoo, I love to instantly Orb into it and Alter time. I will get unlimited procs, return the pressure and while in Alter Time, i wont have to worry about my health to much. Also make sure you macro this with ur trinket.
- INCANTERS WARD - Dont ever use this defensively, as i see some mages do. It absorbs about 10k damage and is utterly useless to use defensively. I make sure that i get my Incanters up about 5 seconds before i start my damage. This will give me 15% increased damage.
- PROC TRINKET - Eventhough not all races have this, I often like to line this up with my damage. I use an addon called TellMeWhen, so i can clearly see when its up. Whever it is up, i like to call a target, get some cc up and just Frozen Orb into them and start doing damage.
If you line all these up, your Ice Lances will be doing around 80k-85k. If you play with a Warrior and skull banner, your Ice Lances will be doing an incredible 100k+ damage, which is utterly insane if you have Icicles with that.

- Get Icicles, which id recommend, especially if you also use the method above
You dont have to cast in order to get Icicles, living of LB procs will do just fine, and give you the highest possibly Icicles, since FFB hits higher than FB crits.
I make sure that before i burst, i have ATLEAST 3-4 of these. Since my FFB crits do about 55k damage, that gives me an Icicle of about 30k (Since i reforge Haste>Mastery>Crit). If you get about 4 of these, this will allready increase your next burst damage by 120k, doesnt cost a global and will still fire even when Feared or Polyd.
You can chose to just unleash them, but really, get your procs so your Icelances will do good damage. You cna chose to burst with Icicles, but you need atleast 2-3 Icelances with them (even if they do 50k damage). This will still evolve in 200k damage, not that much but still, youre not casting and you can maybe even kill an enemy that is low.
For the maximum damage, i make sure i get 5 Icicles, all from FFBs, maybe even a Frostbolt crit (petnova, frostbolt for 100% crit). When i burst with these for the maximum damage, this will happen:
- Frozen Orb
- Tyrannical on-use trinket for 2.8k spellpower. (about 10% damage increase)
- Incanters Ward, 15% damage increase
- Proc trinket (i dont always wait for this, but its a nice boost) for another 10-15% damage increase.
Before i start bursting and using my Frozen Orb, i make sure i have 1 FFB proc active. Once i do, i will do the following rotation:
- Frozen Orb, get 2 charges of Fingers of Frost
- Alter Time, you will store the 2 charges of FoF, 1 charge of FFB and 5 Icicles.
- Unleash all ur Ice Lances First, followed by FFB.
- Alter Time back, do it all again.
Lets line this up, and have a good laugh of how good the damage is:
(I like to use Icy Veins, so I can spam faster!)
- Starting with 2 Ice lances with trinket etc up: 80k x2 = 160k
- Frost Fire Bolt 60k = 60k
- 5 Icicles, each hitting fora bout 15k 5x30k = 150k
Alter Time back
- Starting with 2 Ice lances with trinket etc up: 80k x2 = 160k
- Frost Fire Bolt 60k = 60k
- 5 Icicles, each hitting fora bout 15k 5x30k = 150k

Costing about 6 globals, but with Icy veins about = 520k Damage total
5-7 seconds for all of this
And while you are doing this, your Frozen orb wil lbe ticking for 14k a second, if you even deep it will tick for around 20k damage a second. Saying it will crit twice, with 6 seconds total
- Adding another 80k~damage, resulting in a total of 600k Damage done.

Yes, it is hard to setup perfectly like this, but doing this once or just closely, you will force enemy cds, trinkets if you propperly CC and a big win ahead in alot of cases, leaving the enemy wit hno cds left for the next deep.
Later edit: these numbers seem incredibly high, but I have managed to pull them off multiple times, and even 100-0 a lock with around 680k health. It is deffinitaly possible, but the timing/damage/icicles were pretty much perfect.

Small tricks
Yes, your Alter time can get purged, but i ALWAYS rebuff before i Alter Time offensively. I will be 100% sure my Arcane Briljant is up for more damage(10% damage increase) and simply because it might just take the enemy 1 more global to purge Alter Time, resulting in me maximizing my damage.
- Make sure you ALWAYS have the enemy healer CCd in this period, you will force lots of Cds and even trinkets. I like to also use Presence of Mind just before alter time, so i can get 2 instant polys of whenever i want. You will alone be able to cc the healer for 11 seconds of poly, blanket silence and maybe even Deep him for more cc, your teammate scan follow up.
- Simply waiting for all of this is not recommended, just make sure you do your bursts while the enemy healer is CCd, will force alot more.
Ofcourse the list of things you can do is endless and different in all situations, but this is a pretty basic thing. You will not get interrupted since all damage is instant, the only thing stopping you are silences, fears, LoS and perhaps if used your blink, a stun. The enemy could fear you, but the good part about htat is you will alter time it off or get dispelled, resulting in the DR kicking in.

Sorry for the long read, but it will be helpfull for people who struggle to burst, or struggle to see Mage burst coming (nothing is more obvious in this game tbh, just watc the buffs).
I hope this has helped some fellow mages, and you can always ask for practise ingame, i have a Priest for 2s/3s which i really dont care about the rating, able to help people out. 2.6k Exp in 2s and 2.5k in 3s with it, not that spectaculair (inflation) but it will still be good enough to help people out.


Edit: If ANY form of help needed on Mage PvP, i have lots of characters I can play 2s/3s with to give people a hand for practise! While we practise ill give you tips and help setup together to get the Cc chaining/When to pop Cds going.
Feel free to add releaz#2663, leave a note: 'Practise' or anything like it ^^

Edit 2: When not online on Releaz, these are my other Mages:
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Funny enough Releaz is actually my lowest rated Mage currently, but planning to fix that soon obviously.
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Stickied! Nice guide Releaz :)