What do you like/dislike about patch 5.4 / season 14?

#1 - Sept. 18, 2013, 7:10 p.m.
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Hello, friends! Since the the new season now finally is live and most of us had a shot at trying the new season out I thought it'd be nice with a thread where we summarize our thoughts about it.

Here's my list:

- The new pacing of the game, being a result of the resilience buff
- The new arena system with teams being gone
- Battlegroups being gone
- Warriors are feeling great, this is heaven after living through 5.2 and 5.3
- The ramps on Blade's Edge
- I really find 3v3 enjoyable right now

- 2v2. It's flat out painful now. I'm okay with it though because I hate the bracket and probably won't play it again.
- TCCY in 3v3

Things that could have been done better:
- Blade's Edge. With the added ramps and stuff classes with knockbacks and stuff have less of an advantage, but the advantage they have is still tremendous.

Now, what are your thoughts? I'm eager to hear them.
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#70 - Sept. 19, 2013, 11:38 a.m.
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18/09/2013 20:18Posted by Silvaria
Hope 6.0 will be that one patch we've been waiting since s8 to finally fix everything.
It's impossible to "fix" everything because there will always be a certain aspect of the game that someone will have an issue with, or a part they don't enjoy as much as the other. Perfection is also an endless pursuit because it's an ever elusive goal. We're constantly aiming to make the game the best it possibly can be, but to fix what someone feels is wrong will inevitably break it for someone else, so the things that are "broken" change via your own perception.

18/09/2013 20:24Posted by Drophar
- blizzard doesn't care about all mage specs in PvP
Every spec in the game right now is viable for participation in PvP, and we care about all specs. Your complaint is not that "Blizzard doesn't care", it's that you don't feel that certain specs aren't entirely viable for high end arena. This goes for several classes though, not just mages; warrior, paladin, druid and monk tank specs and others are not viable for high end PvP either.

The biggest thing to note is that there are actually more specs now than ever before that are viable for a "Tier 1/2 comp", and at least one spec from each class is capable of reaching high ratings in PvP depending on team composition. We would be extremely pleased if we were able to reach a point in balance where all 34 specs were perfectly balanced, however we're well aware that the possibilities of accomplishing this is an incredibly difficult goal.

We'll continue to do our best to achieve the most enjoyable and balanced gameplay possible for everyone and we really appreciate all of the feedback that you're all giving in this thread about what you do and don't like about patch 5.4. :)