Whining for nerfs already?

#1 - Oct. 2, 2012, 2:34 p.m.
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Ive been reading forums etc while at work due to being nothing else to do and i already see people moaning and whining about dailies and rep grinding

How they cant manage to do it on 10/11 chars etc - calling for fixes and nerfs to all this stuff...

well heres an idea.. quit your damn whining, quit your moaning, stick to one character rather then expecting to rep grind and dailie on every single character. if you want to rep grind or do dailies on more then one character then do it. dont constantly ask for nerfs or fixes so you can supposedly have it easier on yourself.

I for one am sick to death of people constantly moaning for nerfs and fixes because there to damn lazy and expect an easy ride for everything.

Next your all be asking for a button that instantly puts you at max level, sends you full epics in your mail box once youve hit level 90 and supplys you with a gold amount equal to the maximum amount of gold you can have.

Quit your damn whining and crying and just play the bloody game

As a side note.

Blizzard. dont nerf of make this stuff easier. if people dont want to do it, or dont have enough time to do it on more then 3 chars then they need to stick to one char and play that. its simple.

Sick of all this moaning and people wanting everything turned into a rollover. where you can just get everything without effort.

Again... quit your whining. spend less time on the forums moaning about stuff thats supposed to be a challenge or entertaining and do what your moaning about and get rep grinding and then you wont have crap all to moan about.
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#13 - Oct. 2, 2012, 3:44 p.m.
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Op if i could be bothered i would argue with you all day about things but I can't. This game has nothing to offer other than max level content, why on earth would I want to be a low level?

If you dont want to level, do dailies, grind rep, earn stuff, earn your levels, make gold, level proffessions and such dont

Its not enjoyable.

Doing the same thing day after day on repeat for the next two years is fun?

Its lazy !@#$ players like you who mess up this game for players who actually enjoy grinding for items, farming for gear/proffession and such. get a feeling of acconplishment for doing so..

Thats why we need choice, options for both types of players. I have no issue with things being hard but when its boring as hell to achieve something it takes the value of doing so away.

Whether something is 'enjoyable' or not is a matter of opinion. Plenty of people enjoy the leveling process—I'm one of them. I'd rather be gearing up a new character than getting my behind handed to me in PvP, for instance.

Giving someone the option to start at max level is controversial. Some people will of course take the path of least resistance, despite how they feel about the current way we level characters. This scenario reminds me a little of the situation with the LFD tool. Many claim that they would prefer to make groups the old fashioned way, having to travel to the instance instead of porting there etc. but that they feel they have to use the tool now because it's there.

Basically, I think if you give people the option of doing something faster, most will, even if they feel it takes something away from their gaming experience.