Class quests and joined Auction House

#1 - Sept. 9, 2012, 5:28 p.m.
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Hey guys!
I'm wondering if you're considering giving us some more epic class quests like the rogue legendary dagger quests, priests anathema/benediction etc.

The rewards dont need to be über, the challenge in having to play your specific class very intensely would be great! Especially if it could be some kind of long and very hard chain of quests/events.

and on a second note:
Have you considered removing the faction specific Aution houses and just having a joint Auction House. Just say something like: the goblins offered better prices and the old auctioneers retired. This would help even things out on realms where one faction vastly outnumbers the other.

Thanks in advance!
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#2 - Sept. 11, 2012, 4:39 p.m.
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Hello Erà,

I personally loved Anathema’s quest line, it was one of the most fun quests I have ever completed, I suppose that's mostly because of the sense of accomplishment it yielded in the end and also because of its higher than usual difficulty level.
That being said, we will have some really nice Monk quests, but for now, although we would love to do more class quests, we are focusing a bit more on faction specific quests. We have 11 classes, that means we would have to use a ton of resources to implement those quests and we just can’t spare them at this moment.

Storyline and faction-specific quests on the other hand are getting some love; we’re focusing quite a lot on the Alliance VS Horde conflict for Mists of Pandaria, we will use plenty of other ways to help bring that conflict to another level, including for example the usage of scenarios.
We’re really excited about bringing this old and original conflict back into Warcraft again.

Be prepared for some epic legendary quests though as the expansion progresses!