Feral Druid in Legion!!!

#1 - Feb. 27, 2017, 2:02 a.m.
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Well as Blizzard said: "Feral playstyle feels good". And it is actually! That's why we are here to make the spec better! Damage output sucks though, and is still not fixed.

Feral complex rotation is not at all rewarding dpswise (damage output). Instead it is punishing if you miss a single OoC proc, or forget to buff your bleeds with bloodtalons! Our spec not only needs better legendaries! The problem is beyond items and gear! For the thing we WERE famous for, in Legion we are just mediocre! Ferals should and must do outstanding single target damage. We need better base damage on our spells, and better energy regeneration!

A few things Blizzard should take under consideration:

- Ashamane Frenzy: really lengthy cd. It would be better if we could use it more often!
- Feels like bleed damage is so low!
- our mastery % compared to Assassination Rogue is far left behind!
- Ferocious Bite? Its a joke! Boss under 25% and FB just 50% of the damage compared to other classes finishers.
- Help Ferals Cleave! A good idea is Ashamane Frenzy hit +2 targets
- Savage Roar should again be into our basic spells and replace it with a another talent. It is really expensive to use and people struggle with energy starvation!
- Energy Starvation should be managed!
- Improve base damage of spells! Their base damage is totally unacceptable!

To sum up, people play feral because they enjoy a kinda more challenging rotation, but this should be the reason to reward it as damage output! I really hate when i play with my rogue and demon hunter totally chilled burstin 1.4m of damage while with my feral struggle to hit my keys in the correct order not to make any mistake, struggling to be on time, just to find out that more easier rotations just hit harder, sustain better etc. It is really sad that our only advantage which is sustained single target that was getting better in long fights, is not advantage anymore. We are benched because other leather classes are FAR better. And they are.

We need changes as feral community, and changes towards better. After all there are so few ferals left. Dont make the rest of us that still enjoying raking and ripping in our agile cat form, respec, reroll or quit! Dont waste an excellent spec, and make people play Rogues or Demon Hunters which are both easier, more beneficiary and hit harder!

Feral Dev must see our problems and approach Feral community! Ferals must shine in raids not benched! The sad thing is that Ferals are in worst position than in Warlords! May Elune bless us all!


p.s.: i link the us forum for feral issues:

Please feel free to describe and propose! Just be serious about it!
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#3 - Feb. 28, 2017, 5:08 p.m.
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Thanks for the constructive feedback here!

We don't want to make Feral overpowered in single-target just because the priority rotation is more complex. However, we are looking into Feral's singe-target DPS right now, as it is intended to be where Feral is strong.