4.2 Fury: Rolling your face on those hard-to-reach keys

#1 - Feb. 16, 2011, 2:45 a.m.
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Welcome to Gorrk's Fury guide post-4.1 otherwise known as:


This is based on my experience, and my own math. I don't claim to know everything and am open to criticism, I hope this guide helps someone.


Titan's Grip: http://wowtal.com/#k=BeB4St51.aei.warrior.RDgquh or some variation of it, some talents can be switched around etc according to preference. However, 3/3 Deep Wounds > 3/3 Incite. Mathematical fact, do not go the other way around.
Single-Minded Fury: http://wowtal.com/#k=BO46DAo7.aei.warrior.RDgquh or similar. 3/3 Incite > 3/3 Deep Wounds. Do not be a maverick.

The Glyphs I have chosen are the vital ones, you shouldn't miss out any of those. After that its personal choice really.


Is now perfectly viable. See the rotation section for the subtle differences.


Yes, there are some boss encounters without interrupts, however if you look at the other choices, this is the only one that increases damage output at all, there are a few decent alternatives available though if you feel like you don't want to take Rude Interruption.


As we know by now, because of how rage generation works, melee rotations are alot more, shall we say "flexible" than caster rotations. There's a simple rule to follow, first and foremost:

Using something, is better than using nothing.

If for some reason your Cooldowns are off, or you lack the rage or you aren't enraged and you cannot fill your GCD with the most desireable ability, use something else (A shout is good for filling such gaps).

CS, Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Slam, Heroic Strike is a basic prio list.

This is the ideal rotation provided your rage generation is good enough, and there are no complications, such as movement, debuffs etc:

0.0 - Colossus Smash
1.5 - Bloodthirst
3.0 - Raging Blow
4.5 - Bloodthirst
6.0 - Slam
7.5 - Bloodthirst
9.0 - Raging Blow
10.5 - Bloodthirst
12.0 - Slam
13.5 - Bloodthirst
15.0 - Raging Blow
16.5 - Bloodthirst
18.0 - Slam
19.5 - Bloodthirst
21.0 - Colossus Smash (start again)

Just remember to go with a Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > Bloodthirst after a Colossus smash as this is the most efficient way of getting 3 High Damage abilities into the 6 second debuff time.

Unlike in WotLK, Bloodsurge proccs grant an Instant, rage-free Slam that deals 20% more damage. However, as a Fury Warrior with Titan's Grip don't be fooled into using it whenever it proccs. It should only be used after every 2nd BT in your rotation (see above) so to avoid delaying more effective abilities. If you lack the rage to fill your GCD with the preferred ability, something > nothing so use a Bloodsurge proc.


There are some subtle differences to the SMF priorities and rotations. It goes like this:

CS > BT > Slam > HS > RB

And you should aim to follow this rotation

0.0 -Colossus Smash
1.5- Bloodthirst
3.0 - Slam (Raging Blow if no Bloodsurge, only for a GCD inside CS debuff)
4.5 - Bloodthirst
6.0 - Slam (Use a shout or leave empty if no Bloodsurge)
7.5 - Bloodthirst
9.0 - Slam (Use a shout or leave empty if no Bloodsurge)
10.5 - Bloodthirst
12.0 - Slam (Use a shout or leave empty if no Bloodsurge)
13.5 - Bloodthirst
15.0 - Slam (Use a shout or leave empty if no Bloodsurge)
16.5 - Bloodthirst
18.0 - Slam (Use a shout or leave empty if no Bloodsurge)
19.5 - Bloodthirst
21.0 - go to 0.0 (Colossus Smash)

Raging blow, essentially drops very low on Damage/Rage, low enough to basically render it useless apart from when you want to get 3 abilities inside the Colossus Smash debuff. All rage saved / gained on shouts can be converted into the more efficient Heroic Strike, which is also buffed by your 3/3 Incite talents and the use of

If Battle Trance proccs, and heroic strike and bloodthirst are on cooldown, it is acceptable to use a Raging Blow since it is not eating up any valuable rage.

BOSS < 20%

When the boss falls below 20%, you should still be using Colossus Smash as your number one priority, after that stacking the Executioner buff to 5 Stacks, then stick your usual rotation whilst refreshing the Executioner stacks.


Fury Warrior threat always has been, and probably always will be, particularly high compared to other DPS. So bare that in mind when blowing your cooldowns right at the start of a fight.

Ignoring that, you should use them whenever they are available, Death Wish will be usable more than once in most encounters, recklessness might not be and in certain encounters could be saved for a part of the fight that needs a bit of a DPS kick (After an enrage, or during a +Damage phase, or to take down a dangerous add).

Using Deathwish in conjunction with Bloodlust or trinket proccs is also nice, and because of how Mastery affects Enrage Effects, if you have a Mastery procc or Use: trinket, using DW with that is very effective
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Very nice guide, Gorrk :-)

I've added it to the Warrior Guides & Useful Links sticky thread http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/916826007?page=1#0