''If you go see the EU feedback thread...''

#1 - Nov. 10, 2014, 7:23 p.m.
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So, I'm guessing most of you all heard about or even saw the World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary. It was a good documentary, with some laughs and some feels, however there is a part that left a sour taste in my mouth and almost made me not want to continue watching.

It was about having the community giving feedback on their game, as in Beta WoD in this case, I've linked the bit below but I shall also copy what has been said by Ion Hazzikostas aka the Watcher when hes posting in Blue.

There is actually some genuine feedback post with a couple of links on the US forums... Uhm... If you look at the EU feedback thread you'll see some.. some things.. But, not necessarily feedback.


Is this Blizzard openly admitting we're the laughing stock? Was it really needed in a WoW documentary that is about the ''great'' community to make the world believe the EU is full of Trolls and stupid people who can't give genuine feedback about whatever part of the game?
If they'd even bother spending an hour a day on the EU forums, they'd see a massive increase of in there eyes ''usefull'' feedback, if they let us have more EU Representatives we would feel more taken seriously, we would be more serious when making feedback, not even mentioning the amount of posts that can be monitered.

As of now we have to make due with MvPs posting and giving information, aside from the Technical and Costumer support ''Blue'' posters we only have Takralus who is posting once in a while and in my eyes actually reads posts being made. They all do a great job and I'm sure they do the best they can and it's fine if you just come out and say ''Look, we just don't care as much for the EU as we do for the US.'' Then we know and we can leave it at that, but don't give us a kick in the stomach with some sort of feel good documentary.

5 months ago I made a thread on the Beta forums which was named ''Feedback about Beta feedback.'' It was basically a thread stating how poor the feedback was being handeld given by the EU and that it wouldn't hurt if some of the US devs joined in on the discussion. I Tweeted the thread to almost every Blizzard employee, it got some responses and more and more like wise posts were being made. Then all of the sudden Blizzard decided to grace us with the ability to post on the US beta section. Not with our own EU accounts mind you no no, we had to use a work around, make a US trial character and level it for a bit so we could post. Which just felt like a ''heh, sure post on the US, on a low lvl character, keep in mind a lot wont take you serious but atleast you can shut up now''.

I know this thread will probally fall on deaf ears and I'm actually wasting my time writing this. But it feels good venting, I'm actually not expecting something to change.

Look at that, a thread with genuine feedback, not about your game but about your attitude towards us EU players. But how can I take it seriously when Blizzard employees are talking about how great the community is and toxic people should stop and Trolls should change their attitude. You've played a part in generalising of your playerbase in my eyes. You are in a way promoting toxic behaviour on the forums, everyone who visits the forums regularly knows weekends are a terrible time to visit.
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#31 - Nov. 10, 2014, 8:50 p.m.
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We do get valuable feedback from the EU forums, both directly from the English forums and translated/summarized by members of our Community team from the other language forums. I winced a little bit at that quote in the documentary as well, just because I knew it might be taken the wrong way.

For full context, for those who weren't participating or around during the early days of our Warlords beta testing, the first day of raid testing was a mess. We scheduled a Butcher test as our first raid test of the expansion and the massive number of people trying to zone in at once was chain-crashing our instance servers (due to a bug that we found and fixed within a few hours, thanks to the data obtained from monitoring testers). I had made specific feedback threads on both the NA and EU forums (as I always do) for the boss, and unsurprisingly the threads ended up being dominated by comments about server stability with little useful info about the bosses themselves. That's why I said "there is actually some genuine feedback..." - we'd written off the test as something that wasn't likely to yield anything constructive at all.

In general, we get (and use) tons of useful feedback from our EU raid tests. As I said on Twitter, that brief clip was about this one specific thread, and was not a general statement.

You have to admit scrolling past the Picard facepalm ASCII made for some fine comic timing alongside my comments, though - kudos to the editing team for that pairing.