Mage Guides & Useful Links

#0 - April 21, 2009, 7:16 p.m.
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Welcome to the Mage information portal! Within this thread you will find a collection of useful links, guides and informational references for the Mage class.

If you have any guides or links you know to be of use for the Mages of the world, be sure to let us know in this thread so we can include it in the list!

Our aim is to keep this as a catalogue of information for the most up to date version of World of Warcraft, and we will do all we can to ensure the links included remain as fresh as possible. Be sure to let us know here, or by reporting it for ‘Sticky Request’ using the Biohazard symbol on the post in question, if a thread could be used in our collection of guides or if a link is no longer suitable for the current game version.
#1 - April 21, 2009, 7:28 p.m.
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General Mage Information:
Mages - Elitist jerks -
Everything About Mages - by Xacez -
Frequently Asked Mage Questions - by Eviltwig -

Beginners’ Guides:
[PvE][2.0] A guide on Mage AoE grinding - by Bangy -
[PvE][3.1] Leveling guide for new mages - by Omegasupreme -
[PvE][3.2] Pre Naxx guide for new mages - by Noziv -

Talents, Abilities and TheoryCraft:
[PvE] [3.1] A Guide for the Raiding Mage - by Eyke -
[3.1] Theory Craft-o-Matic: A tool for mages - by Bangy -
[3.2] Spell Hit - by Tashre
[PvE] [3.1] Raiding as Arcane - by Wrathyr -
[PvE] [3.3.2] Guide: 25-man High End Raiding - by Dribbler -
[PvE] [3.3.3] Hopefully helpful Arcane Guide - by Takai -
[PvE] [3.3.3] Hopefully helpful Fire Guide - by Takai -
[PvE] [4.0] Fire Mage PvE Guide - by Frah -

[3.0] Complete list of reputation rewards for Mages - by Eudoxus -
[3.1] Rawr: a program for comparing and exploring gear -

Macros and Addons:

Asking a Mage - by Shurizaz -
A Little Guide For Asking A Mage For Water - by Briltur -
A guide to spellstealing - by Kefka -