11/03 Realms and migration

#0 - March 11, 2009, 4:10 p.m.
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Recommended realms
Normal/PvE: Blade's Edge, Saurfang, Terokkar
PvP: Auchindoun, Mazrigos, Vek'nilash
RP: Steamwheedle Cartel
RP PvP: Scarshield Legion

Saurfang (normal/PvE), Battlegroup Misery, opened January 31 as a fresh realm (no migration to the realm for 90 days).

Free Character Migration (FCM)
Please note that any migration may be closed at any time should a destination realm's population rise too high.

To improve the faction ratio on Magtheridon, the following migrations are available from March 11th to 17th:

From Magtheridon (Horde only) to Balnazzar, Burning Blade, Chromaggus, Dragonmaw, Executus, Genjuros, Hakkar, Haomarush, Neptulon, Sunstrider, Tarren Mill, Trollbane, Zenedar, and Silvermoon (PvE)
To Magtheridon (Alliance only) from all PvE realms except Chamber of Aspects and Saurfang

No other FCM will be open this week for English realms.

Paid Character Transfers (PCT)
All English realms follow the regular PCT rules, found here:
#2 - March 11, 2009, 4:26 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
Do you have any news on when you are giving up on the rotten meat, or to be more precise, Magtheridon ?

You have pretty much tried to put it back into the freezer for way to long now. The expiration date was months ago.

Many other realms seek aid in order to restore balance between Alliance - Horde.

Merge Magtheridon with some other server which have high alliance numbers, just admit it. It IS the ONLY way out.

While you may have given up on it, we won't. The ratio has improved quite a bit, and we hope to improve it more this week.

Merging realms would have a lot of complications tied to it, in addition to resulting in thousands of people in queue every day of course.
#7 - March 12, 2009, 10:11 a.m.
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Q u o t e:
I dont see why we cant emigrate FROM chamber of aspects to magtheridon.

Answer please.

Chamber of Aspects has a faction ratio leaning significantly more towards Horde / less towards Alliance than the other PvE realms. Due to this we do not feel it would benefit the realm to move Alliance away from it. Edit: or in other words; we feel it would be a disservice to the realm to do so.
#9 - March 12, 2009, 4:47 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
So, Magtheridon, Saurfang and Chamber of Aspects is the only realms with a high horde ratio?

No, that would be a faulty assumption. Saurfang is not included because it is a very new realm. PvP realms are not involved in the Magtheridon migration at the moment (except as destinations) as we're focusing on the limited-time PvE-to-PvP migration right now.

Q u o t e:
By the way could i have that numbers? Would be a good thing to have around. For all realms please.

No, those numbers are not released to the public, as they are very easily used for faulty arguments and poorly informed suggestions which would have no end. ;)
#16 - March 13, 2009, 9:55 a.m.
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Specific future migrations will not be commented on or speculated in. Which migrations will be available in the future will typically only be shared when they will actually happen. Speculating in possibilities only serves to get people's hopes up - sometimes only to lead to disappointment.

Q u o t e:
This post here, as well as the information on the game's login screen were created 3/11, yet on the game screen it says that free migration was to last from March 4-10.

Supposed to be like in this post: March 11-17. The Breaking News message on the login screen has been corrected.

Q u o t e:
Assuming the offer is still valid, where would I find more information regarding the FCM process?

This thread and the FAQ (link added to the first post)should cover most questions. If not, please feel free to add your questions here and we'll do our best to address them.

Q u o t e:
Well is Chamber of Aspects the only pve realm with more hordes than alliance then?

No, it's not. But it's also not a hard rule of "if Alliance > Horde, open Alliance migration to Magtheridon".

Q u o t e:
Secondly apart from Argent Dawn , I dont recall any on the RP realms ever getting a free migration, those of us with 10 Characters on our RP realms are feeling somewhat constrained ;) Moonglade *cough*

While this is certainly a concern for those in your situation, we can't plan migrations on such specific cases. We base free migrations on population analysis for the realms themselves. The suggestions you put forward might be worth posting in the Suggestions forum. ;)
#20 - March 13, 2009, 5:22 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
Thundgot, first I'd like to thank you for posting in this thread.
I do however have a concern about RP Servers, the least popular.
Both the Sha'Tar and Steamwheelde Cartel don't have incredibly high numbers. Earthen Ring doens't have them either but we're reasonably populated. Why do not merge Sha'Tar and Steamwheedle Cartel? What's the cons?

Loooooooooong queues. :)

Q u o t e:
By "all" servers "except chamber of aspects and saurfang" you really mean all servers apart from those 2? Cause I can't migrate to magtheridon from vek'nilash...

All PvE realms. Vek'nilash is PvP.
#29 - March 16, 2009, 10:25 a.m.
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Just to mention it one more time: we do not consider requested/wanted free migrations. Free migrations are based on population analysis, not popular demand. If you are looking for a specific migration (realm X to realm Y, migration to a high populated realm, or migration from a low population realm), you might be better off using the Paid Character Transfer option.

Q u o t e:
Any chance for a free mig from PvP realms aswell anytime soon?

Free migrations between PvP realms happen fairly often, so that's not an impossibility. Vek'nilash is more likely to be a destination than a source realm though.

Q u o t e:
Why not let some people migrate from those servers to Earthen Ring/Darkmoon Faire/Moonglade?
And what remains(perhaps factiontransfers would be a good idea) are proper numbers for a medium-populated server?

You mean to actively drain the population until a point where the only option is to merge realms? We do not consider that a good option at this time, both due to the effect it may have on a realm's community and due to the other cons with realm merging (name conflicts, downtime, etc).

Q u o t e:
To be honest. I think we should have migration from Nordrassil. The population keeps growing and growing as it is one of the only reccomended english realms. On a saturday night there is sometimes a queue of 1000 people!

Kul Tiras i have heard is slightly less populated and migration between the two realms would be dcent to say the least.

Nordrassil is not currently Recommended, nor has it had a login queue for a long time.