Explosive shot nerf

#0 - Feb. 28, 2009, 4:44 p.m.
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he explosive shot nerf has to be the dumbest change yet. the MAIN survival skill getting close to a 20% overall nerf of the skill which can get partial resists and be blocked... why?

OK for PvP, Blizzard stated that they were happy with hunter dmg, but thought that the stun on explosive shot was oped, so they removed it. now i find it funny that they reduce the dmg on it while hunters are still gemming for spell pen even though they are supposed to be physical dmg class. and any class wearing a shield can also block damage from it too

For pve, hunter survival dmg is pretty even with most classes, Mages are still able to top us, and so are fury warriors. Then we get a nerf to a shot that is about 40-45% of hunter dmg in their rotation with out buffing the other shots to compensate. I seriously hope these dont go live, or survival is dead.

the dps loss in numbers, taken from elitist jerks:

Explosive Shot: Base damage lowered by 10%. Attack power scaling reduced by 12.5%.
So, based on the GC quote, my estimate for dps loss from the new explosive shot nerf is the following.

Current base dmg is 428-496. 10% dmg reduction will be 429 * .9 to 496 * .9 = 386.1 to 446.4
Attack power scaling is .14. .14 * 87.5 = 0.1225

Avg base dmg will now be (386.1 + 446.4) / 2 = 416.25
Assuming 7k ap on tooltip, new avg non-crit dmg per tick will be:

(7000 * .1225 + 416.25) = 1273.75

Assuming 63% crit rate, total adjustment comes to 222.8% on my sheet (K109 in calculations). New modified tick amount is 1273.75 * 2.228% = 2837.915 resulting in total modified dmg (K113) of 2837.915 * 3 = 8513.745 (old was 10655).

Without factoring in LnL procs, we should be getting 10 explosive shots per minute (60s). This should result in the following (again, appreciate check on math).

Old (explosive dmg / time):
10655 * 10 cds = 106550 dmg / 60s = 1775.83 dps

New (explosive dmg / time):
8513.745 * 10 cds = 85137.45 dmg / 60s = 1418.96 dps

1775.83 - 1418.96 = 356.87 dps lost with explosive shot changes (without LnL procs factored in). Using Sylvand's breakdown of LnL changes, the following dps loss will be on top of the loss noted earlier (75.81).

Explosive shot loss for LnL procs (old modified - new modified)
(10655 - 8514) * 2 extra explosives = 2141 * 2 = 4282 dmg * 4 procs per 10 minutes lost = 17128 / 600s = 28.55 dps lost

Consequently, total losses from BA LnL changes and Explosive shot changes comes to:
356.87 (explosive) + 75.81 (Lnl) + 28.55 (explosive + LnL) = 461.23 dps
#44 - March 2, 2009, 11:35 a.m.
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To quote Ghostcrawler from the US forums (for those that have yet to follow the link offered in previous posts in this thread)
Q u o t e:
Yes, we did nerf the damage of Explosive Shot a little more. After many of the changes to locks, DKs, warriors and the rest, we felt SV hunters were too high. MM may still be a little too low. BM seems on target at the moment, but we had a few bugs in new pet abilities especially that was making it hard to get accurate numbers.