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#0 - Feb. 4, 2009, 11:57 a.m.
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Status Report on Mages (Source)

* 1) We like that Arcane is starting to feel like a viable alternative to FFB in PvE.
* 2) We think Arcane has too much burst potential in PvP. We want to fix it without undoing the progress we've made on #1, or sending all Arena mages to Frost.
* 3) We agree that the Scorch debuff is too much of a unique snowflake.
* 4) This is definitely a concern, but lower priority than these other issues.
* 5) Definitely a concern. We would love to get the "Shatter combo" vibe in PvE, but we haven't figured out a way to do it yet that doesn't involve buffing Cone of Cold, which would be bad for PvP reasons.

I just read those crap and i cant understand anything they say arcane mage has too much burst potential so does pala so does rogue dk feral druid but they only see the mage burst we wear cloth we cant cant heal we dont have a healing debuff we dont use plate we are 3 shotted from melle and dont tell me that we have insane cc anyone can dispell it usinf trinkets or skills we wear cloth we can only dps we are very fragile so we must have the biggest dmg output but devs can only see the arcane burst nothing else.

remember s2-s4 all the mages where frost in 2 months will be the same druids hiding in pillars locks will chain fear to death(although i see that locks need desperately some pvp buffs) rogues will be untouched by the nerf bat dk will ruin the whole arena

sorry for the long post i dont post very often sorry for my english i would like some opinions and sorry for your time:)
#29 - Feb. 4, 2009, 2:43 p.m.
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Some of the Mage changes over the last few months were made to improve the PVP viability of Arcane -- it is not our design to see, for example, only Frost Mages doing well in PVP. Of course, now Arcane in PVP is a popular choice but it also seems to attract an inordinate amount of negative feedback – pretty much mostly from other classes. ;-) We think we need to work at this, but we’re wary of undoing changes that were made to make Arcane perform well in a PVP situation.
#41 - Feb. 4, 2009, 3:30 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
But that goes for other classes. I mean surely you've seen the whining of feral literally one shotting people, DK's stupid survivability and damage, rogues insane burst, hunters damage, paladins, etc.
Will *they* be getting the same treatment as arcane?
This is the Mage forum ;-) If and when we have things to post for other classes, we won't be posting them here.