[Shadow] PvP Survivability

#0 - Dec. 25, 2008, 1:22 a.m.
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Problem/Current situation:
Priests are currently struggling in PvP, especially against melee classes. I play a Shadowpriest, and therefore I will write this from a Shadowpriest POV.
We're just to squishy.
It doesn't matter if you're at 1000 resilience and 20.000 hp, you still die on less than 10 seconds when trying to put up a fight against melee classes. Our lack of crowd control and root or snare effects makes us very vurnable against certain classes. Our defense isn't that strong either.

Shadowpriests have 5 defensive spells.
This may sound many to you, but let's see what they really do;

  • The first one is shadowform, which reduces physical damage taken by 15%.
    This is an okay amount, but it's still not enough with the high burst damage melee classes have.
    However, I belive other changes could work this out, so changing this is not needed.

  • The second one is our fear, Psychic Scream. It's a 30 second (26 with talents) AoE fear which can be dispelled, trinketed or removed as an Undead with Will of the Forsaken.
    Having our only Crowd Control spell on such a long cooldown while it also can be dispelled or trinketed makes it a very weak CC.

  • The third one is our Power Word: Shield, absorbing somewhere around 3200 damage.
    This is probably our best defense we have, since it works against everyone, not just melee.
    The amount absorbed isn't that high though, and it can only be cast on you again once your Weakened sould debuff runs out.
    The debuff lasts for 15 seconds, or 13 with 4 parts of the gladiator gear.

  • The fourth is our Inner Fire, which increases our armor by 2440 and spellpower by 120.
    With improved inner fire in the Discipline tree, it improves our armor by 3538 and spellpower by 174, while also adding 12 more charges to the spell.
    This selfcast buff is actually ok, even if it's very annoying having charges on it.
    The thing I don't like with this spell though is that it takes up a global cooldown to cast if you have to cast it in the middle of a fight.

  • The fifth and final spell is Dispersion. It reduces damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds, while restoring 6% mana per second as well.
    This spell isn't good. It's that simple. I got the impression this spell were added for Shadowpriests to have PvP survivability, but it doesn't help at all.
    On beta this spell gave us 6% health back per second as well, but it got nerfed before WotLK hit the stores.

I have a few ideas of my own on how you could add new & change some of our spells to give us better PvP survivability.

  • The first one, and in my opinion, the most important, is to give us a root effect, like Frost Nova for Mages, or Entangling Roots for Druids.
    It's the melee classes we have the biggest problems with and this is a change that would affect them the most.
    This could also be used to counter Hunters who can be immune to our only CC, our fear.
    All other caster classes have atleast two or more crowd control or root/snare effects.
    Warlocks have their Fear, Death Coil and Pets to stun/silence their opponents.

  • The second change I suggest is that Fade should not only remove slowing effects on us, but also make us immune to them for X seconds too.
    Almost everyone, especially melee, have a slowing effect, and it can be really frustrating pressing your fade button just to have it applied instantly on you again.

  • The third change is a small, but in my eye still an important one. Remove the global cooldown for using Inner Fire.
    It's said that it has a cheap mana cost because it uses charges, but I still don't want to sacrifice a global cooldown to re-apply it.
    This could be the difference between life and eath in some cases.

  • My fourth suggestion is to do something useful with a currently useless 51-point talent.
    My suggestion here would be to make us cast while this effect lasts. Being silence in 6 seconds gives us nothing in PvP.
    We rely on someone else to save us by using our 51-point talent. When spending 50 other talents in this tree to get this ability, shouldn't it actually help us directly?
    Making us able to cast while Dispersion is active, and maybe lowering our damage caused by 20% would make Dispersion useful.
    Reducing our amount of damage taken to a less amount of what Dispersion currently have wouldn't be that bad either with these changes implented.

Priests can approach melee classes at a more fair state, while these changes would affect the caster classes by a much less amount.
Priest survivability would be in rank with other casters of this game.
Priests would be viable partners for arena-teams. As it is now, we're not being invited, certainly not as shadow atleast.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holiday!
#122 - Jan. 27, 2009, 2:56 p.m.
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We do not have much information we can share with you on this topic at this point in time, but we are working on improving the PvP survivability of Shadow Priests in patch 3.1. It is till a little too soon to announce any changes yet, but we will of course tell you more as soon as we are ready :-)
#173 - Feb. 3, 2009, 2:56 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
How much longer do we have to wait for our buff? :_:

Currently, the only update we have for you on this is that we do have some changes with Shadow and PvP in mind which we hope to be announcing soon.