When did you buy World of Warcraft, whats your story?

#1 - Nov. 19, 2018, 1:29 a.m.
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As the title says when did you buy World of Warcraft, whats your story?

My story is as follows, I remember when I first got World of Warcraft seeing that big purple elf followed by that dwarf sitting in a game shop on a shelf and being completely lured to it and asking my father if he could get me it for my birthday or Christmas which was around 4 months away to my dad saying.

“Sure son I’ll have a wee look into the game to make sure its suitable for you”

To sitting outside the shop with my mum with a hot Greegs sausage roll “when you got served them warm and not cold” to having my dad shaking the game from a distance to going home with it in my hands and being amazed at the size of the box never seeing something like this before and looking at all the photos on the back to getting back home and putting it into the computer asking my dad if it was ready yet while he slowly downloaded the game with AOL Broadband, to being completely amazed and mesmerised by the game itself when playing each click on the customisation tool only making me more excited seeing all these things I’d never had the choice to do before to then getting in the game and see this massive vast world in all different ways shapes and sizes hitting squirrels and fighting these monsters panicking dying and finding myself all ghost like and having to run to my father to help me as I couldn’t do anything stopping him from having his dinner while my dad laughed at me and said don’t die next time or stay alive till I’m finished while laughing.

:sunny: This was my story, whats yours? :sunny:

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#47 - Nov. 20, 2018, 1:34 p.m.
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For me “technically” my first experience was back in closed beta. I was active in some cosplay communities back then and a friend from one of those forums, who I knew IRL from University, had got into the closed beta and wouldn’t stop raving about it. I tried the beta a few times on their PC.

As for when I really started playing, it was just before the Opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event started. Said friend had bought the game so I borrowed their game discs to test it out on my laptop. Needless to say my laptop wasn’t very great, it struggled to run at 5 fps on the lowest settings :rofl: so as soon as I entered Ironforge I ended up in the infamous lagpits! In the end I ended up spending my entire spring student loan installment on a new PC (I justified it as being able to do my essays from home, but the reality was it was just so I could play WoW), and spent a good few months living off beans on toast. :joy:

I’ve told this story many a time, but I’ll tell it again. My first ever character was a Human Warlock, and I remember questing in Elwynn Forest and seeing a Night Elf Hunter who was using a fairly standard cat from Darkshore as their pet, and I was like “I NEED ONE!” I found the Cat Vendor in Elwynn and begged my friend for some silver so I could buy a kitty. I summoned my new feline companion and went around killing Murlocs, Kobolds, Gnolls, and Defias, and eventually noticed that the kitten wasn’t leveling up or attacking things. That’s when my friend told me that only Hunters could have animals as pets. :flushed: I was so upset at the time, but funnily enough I didn’t actually make a Hunter until Cataclysm.

Moral of the story, we were all newbies once!