Please allow us to earn mage tower recolors on other characters

#1 - Aug. 8, 2019, 3:13 p.m.
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Important note, I am talking about earning the recolors of mage tower weapons if you have ALREADY unlocked the mage tower appearance. I am not saying I want the mage tower weapons to be obtained again. I am saying make us work towards the recolors on fresh characters as well instead of only on the character we initially obtained the weapon on.

My guild and I restarted as Alliance this expansion because we wanted to experience the Alliance side of the story. We are liking it very much however it has come to my attention that while we can use the artifact skins from mage tower if we have unlocked it on other characters, we can not work towards the other colors on the newly made characters only on the old ones.

Please allow alternate characters to work towards the recolors. Having to only play my horde characters just to unlock the recolors feels insanely unfun.

Heck I’d do the mage tower all over again on my new characters if that was still a thing but it clearly isn’t. This feels like an unneeded limitation since the only thing blocking it is the quest completion of the mage tower. If that quest becomes shared then all characters can work towards the recolors ( if you at least defeated mage tower before BfA launched which most of us have ).

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#10 - Aug. 9, 2019, 8:59 p.m.
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There’s two different systems at work here:
Legion Artifact Appearances (from the Forge in your Class Hall)
Transmogrification collections (from the Transmog vendors/mounts etc)

Legion Artifact Appearances are unlocked per character, and selected from the Forge in your Class Hall.

Transmogrification collections are indeed account wide, and for the Legion Artifacts any appearance you have unlocked can also be used by other characters of the same class, spec dependent still.

For things like the Mage Tower color variations, and actually any of the color variations of the Legion Artifacts, that has to be unlocked by the character who has the first acquired the base appearance for that row (Classic, Upgraded, Valorous, War-Torn, Challenge or Hidden) in their Forge back in their Class Hall.

The limits on unlocking these were already relaxed during Legion (back in Patch 7.3), originally you needed to not only have the base appearance unlocked but also be using that appearance while doing the extra activities to unlock the new tint.
You don’t need to be using that appearance anymore, but you do still need to be on the character who has the base appearance unlocked in their Forge.

Once it is unlocked, then it’s going to be a part of your Transmog collection and available to others of the same class/spec to use.