Tabard of the Argent Dawn for the Black Market Auction House

#1 - June 30, 2019, 9:45 a.m.
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I’ve been and still being a huge Blizzard fan, playing World of Warcraft since May 2007, Patch 2.0.12 — I wasn’t even 13 at the time. I was being a priest for all this time, and since then, I’ve become a real life doctor.

I still play it and enjoy it, but there’s not a single playing day without me thinking of the lost opportunity to get the Tabard of the Argent Dawn. I’ve been really fond of the Scourge, Argent Dawn, Naxxramas and Plaguelands theme, playing it on my friend’s account even before BC came out.

And I’ve lost my chance to get this tabard for like a week after WotLK was released — my first achievements in the log are dated 17 November, 2008. One week later due to personal reasons, and a dream lost, becoming no longer obtainable at all. Of course, since there are no official ways to get it, the general support team can’t be of any help because of the rules.

Now it seems that the chance is lost forever, but still I think about it. Is there any tiny chance that this tabard, like some of the others, will be made available through BMAH, at least, so it’ll be hard and expensive to get, like Tier 3 sets nowadays, but not impossible?

I hope that I’m not the only one.

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#4 - Aug. 9, 2019, 8:22 p.m.
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Tabard of the Argent Dawn has been available at two times in WoW’s history.

First was during the original Scourge Invasion event just before the release of Naxxramas during vanilla (Patch 1.11 was June 2006)
You needed to collect Necrotic Runes, there was a short quest and then you could get the Tabard from the vendor.

The second time was again during a Scourge invasion, or Zombie Infestation as it became known that took place at the end of Burning Crusade as part of the pre-release events for Wrath of the Lich King. (Patch 3.0.2 was October 2008)
Again during that event you had to collect Necrotic Runes for a short quest and then buy the Tabard off a vendor.

So it’s been a really, and I mean really long time since this one was available and is definitely a Tabard with heritage for sure.

As much as I wish it could happen, I don’t think another Scourge Invasion is going to happen in future, could be wrong, would love to be wrong as it was a massively fun event at the time :blue_heart: