#0 - Aug. 4, 2008, 5:04 p.m.
Blizzard Post
The free migration to Russian-language realms is now open. Players wishing to play with the Russian-language client can migrate one or more of their characters for free to those realms that have been used as Russian alpha and beta test realms. You may also create new characters on the realm, and existing characters will not be deleted.

This migration is a limited time offer, lasting until 09/09/2008, and one-way-only; from a European realm to a Russian realm. If you retain a European account you will later be able to move your character from a Russian realm to a European realm by using Paid Character Transfer.

There are no restrictions on which accounts may migrate characters, and the migration is not affected by any Paid Character Transfer cooldown your characters might have. There are however some restrictions:
  • Minimum character level: 10
  • No active auctions or mail in the in-game mail box
  • You can’t migrate from a PvE realm to a PvP realm
  • You can’t migrate a character to a PvP realm if you already have a character of the opposite faction on that PvP realm
  • You can’t migrate a character to a realm if you already have 10 characters on that realm
  • You can’t migrate as long as you are the leader of your guild
Please note:
  • If you are a member of a guild, your membership will be removed when you migrate.
  • You will need to rename your character when you migrate, to give it a Cyrillic name and add declension. Hunter pets will have their names reset to their creature type. Warlock pets will get new random names, in Cyrillic.
Once more; this is a free migration, available until 09/09/2008.

Russian version: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=5275899294&sid=5

For discussions and additional information, please visit the Russian forums: http://forums.wow-europe.com/index.html?sid=5