#1 - Aug. 11, 2023, 5:34 p.m.
Blizzard Post

When we update Classic Era to version 1.14.4 with scheduled maintenance on August 23, the new Honor and ranking system will be implemented. When realms go live on the new patch, PvP will resume as planned. When you log into Classic Era after the update, you will retain:

  • Most** of your lifetime kills.
  • Your lifetime highest rank.
  • Your current** Honor rank.

**Please note that PvP activities the week preceding the patch will not be counted. All Classic Era PvP calculations done during maintenance on August 16 will be the last for the old system, with the exception of weekly decay, which will still be accounted for on August 23. For example, if you were 90% into Rank 12 on August 16, there’s a high chance you will not be 90% into Rank 12 when you log in on August 23. You may have decayed down to 0% of rank 12 (or close to it).

For more information on how Classic Era PvP works, before and after this update, please read our outline here.

Thank you!