GM's say the funniest things...

#0 - April 18, 2007, 1:27 a.m.
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Heya everyone,

The main aim of this post is to thank the entire GM and CM community for the effort they all put into making this gaming community what it is today.

The reason I have decided to make this post is the sheer number of times I have been speaking to GM's in the last week due to the number of whispers I have been getting from goldsellers and I make the point to report each and everyone that decides to do so. Anyway onto the reason for the post, each and every time a GM has serviced my Gold seller problem or any other problem for that matter I have been left with the feeling of being spoken to like a human being and not just receiving the automated response that the forums always suggest.

Its always the way they leave with some message related to your class or the way they always ensure they check if there is anything else that is bothering you at the time they get to your ticket.

Just today I was left laughing (followed swiftly by my guild when I told them the response) by the final messages of GM's

"Farewell Fungum the Rogue - 1. Shadowstep, 2. Pickpocket, 3. Ambush, 4. Drinks with the guild"

"Thank you :) Goodbye then Fungum! (insert cheesy farewell macro here) sneak n stab n stuff"

Its these funny or whitty comments at the end of your interaction that just seal the deal when you've finished talking in the knowledge your request will get seen to

So this is just a big personal THANK YOU to everyone working to make the community so great, keep up the great work.

Fungum AKA a very happy customer

Edit: Forgot to add - please add any funny comments you got from a GM or CM that made you chuckle and then you can share the fun =)
#47 - June 22, 2010, 4:18 p.m.
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Holy Necro Batman!