Maybe it takes THIS to complete balance build

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PvE group value

To raise the value of the moonkin build in PvE, I suggest 2 solutions.

1. Root indoors. [or 9sec cyclone or hibernate on humanoids]
2. An improvement to AoE, either by allowing hurricane to have a 10sec cooldown or a 2nd new AoE in talent.

so, relatively speaking, we know mages have more value through much better CC and much better AoE and a bit better dps. CC is like off-tanking and like off healing, it's a way to handle and pull through multiple mobs. It is normally the safest way, alternatively you can have someone secondary heal or off-tank, and in rare situations off-heal or off-tank is better, in the rare places CC doesn't work

so mages got the big CC, and the biggest dps
shadow priests got slightly bigger dps and the better healing
out doors balance druids have a measure of CC, with dps and healing but indoors not quite the measure making them a useable alternative , but a bit change CC.

the improved AoE would allow the small sub-role of AoE tanking in raids or indeed 5-man with mages cos after hurricane is cast, if done first the druid will have the AoE, he just needs to bea ble to cast it immediately after it ends to keep the aggro or use a new AoE.

they could make roots indoors useable only in moonkin form, it would be an interesting mechanic

Overall Touch

Two things remain here, the First is the playstyle of the build and threat reduciton:

So solutions are:
1. Make mana on meelee based on attack power part of the moonkin talent have a clause that extends to cat and bear form so you can recover mana while in those forms. It helps because cat and bear form have higher attack power than moonkin even in spell damage gear so your mana will regen faster if you use those forms, actually giving you a much more regular than current reason to shapeshift to feral forms.

the balance main playstyle issue is that it feels less druidic because it doesn't use all it's forms as rounded as the feral or restoration build does, you hardly ever use feral forms in combat almost never because you have no enticing reason to. Feral forms should not be essential to use for a balance druid, but being part of the druid playstyle they should have a more appealing use to the build. Currently in pvp, i only use cat to stealth and pounce and that's it, once combat is started no use, bear form once in a very very blue moon to shift, enrage and bash ,even when i specced furor. Feral build doesn't use caster form often but it does a lot more regularly, with mana on melee in cat and bear form, the mfaster regen rate would make it more sense on some occasions to use feral forms for a balance druid. And even if they boosted attack power by allowing the 150% of level as attack power part of moonkin to also extend to feral forms, it makes a stronger case cos the regen rate would be a good bit higher. A balance druid going feral forms is leaving himself very vulnerable (cat form) and/or compromising his primary usefulness or means of victory (cat and bear form) no one will shift to cat or bear as a balance druid unless for the occasion the benefit outweighed the risk, point? even with a bit of extra dps going to cat and bear form for the balance druid through that talent, you will not be using cat & bear for dps as a moonkin at all, but the extra attack power with the mana on melee will make it profitable enough on certain occasions to shift and get mana back.

so when low on mana.. 1. you use innervate - best option as you can continue fully operating in your roll as dps or off healer, but once that's used, you can mana on melee in moonkiin which is great for when the fight is almost over, but there are enough times when you're out and the guy's more than 25% HP, it's here you go bear or cat get mana back by meleeing while doing much reduced damage and making yourself vulnerable, but not for too long then continue dpsing/healing gives you a chance to use some of those cat and bear abilities you almost never use but just in cases like that.. in pvp it could be for the long drawn out halls, in solo grinding, you can probably shoulder a fight if you're out of water, in cat form or bear to regain more than enough mana to take on the next set back in your usual formL:

in the end finally making more use out of feral forms giving a more druidic and balanced feel to the build.

2. Threat reducton: A problem here becoming increasingly an issue the more into end-game you get, we need it, but I suggest cower be useable in Moonkin form rather than an innate threat reduction talent. Why? in cases like AoE tanking you DON'T want reduced threat you cannot instigate, and there are some occasions where as the only other high armoured person in the group you may need to do a spot of off-tanking / ranged tank sorta thing Crevax mentioned - this is why instead of innate threat reduction cower should be extended to work in moonkin form.. which from a lore perspective also makes sense as the owlbeasts/moonkin are barely sentient the sorta border line beast man almost missing link type, they are part feral as you see from your bear form quest, it's a Moonkin you fight to receive the feral ferocity needed to achieve your feral forms first starting wtih bear form.

3. The Intermediary Tank: Making a more distinct use of the 400%AC:
A taunt ability, Screech, that has a movement slow component combined with the extra AoE will better define that ranged tank. it's not a full role, it's more like a sub-role as moonkin doesn't really tank.. but there have been enough times i've seen it useful to have that moonkin take on aggro, and it isn't practical to shift to bear and growl and remain there either.

With Screech and Cower, you have a different type of control mastery, aggro control mastery, when that mob goes to a caster, you're better off to get it being the only armoured guy nearby, taunt and slow it. or if too many on 1 of the tanks, you can taunt the main dps target off him and the slow enables others too nuke it by the time it gets to you. The tanks can always grab the mob off you rather than a clothie. especially if there isn't another tank capable class in the raid.

4 adjustments:

1. Mana on melee based on attack power in moonkin talent adding cat and bear form to that bit (including the 150% level as attack power would make it worth the shift in certian conditions)

2. Cower in moonkin form to deal with the threat, it would cost mana in thei form and have a longer range.

3. Roots useable in-doors.

4. An improved AoE - hurricane on a shorter cooldown would do or something new like aoe moonfire or somethin.
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Interesting suggestions :) I'll keep reading the thread to see what you come up with.