/w u wanna come to instance?u feral or resto?

#0 - Feb. 16, 2007, 3:52 p.m.
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actually i'm balance! yes balance ! you know the build that epitomizes the druid? Warcraft lore themes druids around balance first before either feral or restoration... you haven't even heard of balance have you

same with palas, hardly a protection one in sight, always retri or holy and lore again themes them largely around protection.

warcraft lore is different, druids in warcraft are not celtic priests, no more so than mages are witches or orcs simpleminded, all evil greenskins, dryads are not the spirits of trees or half ethereal half corporeal like wowwiki WRONGLY puts out, those are dryads of other fantasy stories, wow dryads are very much flesh and blood, they are select class of femal Cenarians that wield spears that are not half corporeal and die under the sword like any other flesh and blood creature

wow's lore is rerich and diverse and though many races and classes share similar names and traits comonly found in either our ancient wolrd, ancinet mythology or popular fantasy, blizzard's warcraft has certainly defined it's own meanin for all it's races and classes, for e.g. the dark elves [nigh] in ths case for once arne't evil. the orcs of warcraft actually have honour, trolls came from elves and orcs weren't the pcorrupted elves taken by the dark powers. the list goes on

it's a shame that the build that epitomises druids in warcraft lore, i.e. balance and paladins, i.e. protection are the least played builds of the two classes, and that majority of wow players don't even know whaat they are.
#102 - Feb. 20, 2007, 1:38 p.m.
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Moonkins are kind of cool for the Maulgar fight. It's nice to have a ranged tank that can't get polymorphed :)