A Follow Up Discussion From a Turkish Player

#0 - Nov. 17, 2010, 11:35 a.m.
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Hello everyone,

I have been searching for the right topic about the subject and eventually found it but the fact that it is in the discussion forums and also far from what I have been willing to discuss, I have decided to make a new one.

This is the reason why I am writing,


And this is what I was going to write in that topic:

I am not quite sure about a new Turkish server but as a follower of the game for so long and specifically a customer, I have some words to say.

First of all I would like to congratulate the company not making a simple language pack since it could be so easy to find professional interpreters and staff and add the option. I simply dont understand the fact that the game has been distributed among so many stores in Turkey and there are certainly thousands of subscribers paying monthly for the game like all the players without question. But when the time comes to ask for a little service which is a right as there should be no such difference between any players regarding the nationalty, ethnicity, etc of the players, there we have excuses and pointless ends.

What I am trying to say is basically, if a Turkish player on an English server tells me to speak in English for a text in Turkish I wrote after deciding the only way to stop that person from insulting me ,then there is a serious problem. Yet again, whenever a topic regarding a Turkish server or the similar sort of request happens, the conversation always leads to a religious or national opposition. But this time lets talk about the rights as a customer. If I pay for a game and buy the game legally in my own country then company cannot ignore my requests.

I have to say, I do not believe, this is all about the numbers and issues regarding marketing strategies or " There are not enough players " sort of excuses. This game has tons of add ons. Is it that difficult to create a language pack ? When I evaluate what we have been through in terms of language issues, server problems and harrasment, we have made enough sacrifice by submitting the language policies of the game and also disgrace ourselves for years.

So in summary, the game tells people, if they are not able to possess or use the language skills within the language list the game supported, those are not eligible to know the game lore, cannot and will not understand what most people talk around them and possibly get insulted because of their nationality, lack of language skills or ethnicity. I would say the main reason of the problem here is not the people with offensive manners but Blizzard. Because the policies allow those players to act like that.

I am telling this again in order to clarify a bit more; this game is being sold legally inTurkey ( If anyone thinks it is not, please show the appropriate proof ) and these people`s language ( and many other countrie`s ) are not supported in the game . As a Turkish player, I should have all the rights as any other players who play this game have. Although, the language does not seem to be a right but an element which comes up with the game, this from my point of view is the most critical part which is planned before by the company and the main reason of the problems mentioned. Also it is quite easy to quit the game but I believe, a server , language pack or one of two can be integrated into the game with small effort from Blizzard since they have made a great game with a deep tecnical diversity, being played by millions all over the world. In the light of these, I believe ignoring a group of players requests should not be the way that Blizzard do unless they are meaningless intentions and I believe this one is not that meaningless.

There are thousands of people debating here http://forum.wow-turk.com/ ( Do not bother if you dont know Turkish ) about the issue over and over and most of them are already frustrated of the unresulted requests and are about to lose their fate in getting a better service in terms of language and others or just happened to hate the idea. I am quite sure that there are other people from other countries who have similar complaints over the same issue. So I and possibly so many other players ( Turkey and other countries ) are in need of a solid result rather than clarifications or a no response.

I appreciate any offensive or positive comments but I have written these because as the potential customers and players, we all deserve equal service.

#294 - Nov. 19, 2010, 9:23 a.m.
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Few things here.

First off; as some players have accurately pointed out, localising a game into a new language entails a whole lot more than simply translating some quest and ability text. It includes creation and maintenance of language support teams (in-game support, technical support, billing support, etc), localisation of the website, a language specific web team supporting marketing and press initiatives, and *much* more.

While we appreciate the desire for native language localisations of World of Warcraft, we don't typically base our localisation decisions on just popular demand on the forums. There is a whole array of things that we have to take into account.

Secondly, threads like this belong in the Suggestions Forum: http://forums.wow-europe.com/board.html?sid=1&forumId=10024

Lastly, as this thread has evolved into attacks, insults, and off-topic posting, it is now being locked.