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#0 - Nov. 5, 2010, 10:58 a.m.
Blizzard Post

I like playing WoW and in addition, over the period of time I’ve played and in common with lots of other players, I visit the forums and contribute now and again, both in terms of advice to new players, as well as to offer feedback, together with the odd moan.

One issue that is starting to grate a little is the increasing number of locked threads on WoWs forums, where it appears Blizzard is trying to prevent genuine debate over game concerns.

I first saw this with the numerous threads started by folks who wanted a vanilla version of the game. Despite the fact many of those threads were well argued more or less civilised debate by paying customers, they eventually became moderated and locked within forum. Clearly, Blizzard was unwilling to listen to customer demand. But as such threads multiplied it appeared to me Blizzard gave way and compromised albeit unwillingly by allowing experience to be frozen, although they negated some of the pleasure such players gained by restricting BGs.

Another such occasion was the possible introduction of Real Life ID. Blizzard seemed determined to push ahead with this scheme, but the torrent of protest was such as it could not be contained, and again Blizzard gave way with what I thought was a degree of sulkiness

Again, yet another fertile issue is the almost constant moans about the Gear Score add on. Such threads are now starting to get locked, despite many of them being again well argued (in the main) civilised debate about the pros and cons of this add on. I believe Blizzard may have to address this point sooner or later, as it will not go away; locking threads is not the solution

So to conclude this thread is feedback, I personally work in a customer orientated environment and you don’t ultimately continue to perform by suppressing problems from paying clients, rather than solving them. I don’t believe threads should be locked providing they are discussing what some believe to be genuine game concerns, even if the language used (in English) is ambiguous (rather than coarse) in terms of construction. After all English is not always the first language of many folks on these EU servers and sentence construction is an art form in part

Views anyone
#14 - Nov. 5, 2010, 9:15 p.m.
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If someone creates a new thread on a topic that is already being discussed in another thread, it will usually be locked. There's no point in having several threads running on the same issue, it's much easier for those wishing to contribute views, opinions and feedback if there is one single place to add it. Having one thread on each subject also makes the process of collecting your feedback simpler.

However, it is against the forum rules to discuss locked or deleted threads, hence the lock on this one.