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Community News
Vaneras, Slorkuz, Wryxian & Takralus 22/10/2010

Swedish site Levelcap.se has another Cataclysm dungeon run going on Saturday 23 October. They’ll also be giving away a Cataclysm beta key during the run, so if you’d like to take part or view the stream, check out the site.

Polish site WoWCenter.pl is planning some huge BlizzCon coverage including live blogs, minute-by-minute reports and even a couple of BlizzCon coverage contests with prizes including two Cataclysm beta keys.
Also, check the site for the Polish version of the official schedule.
Besides the BlizzCon content, there’s also news on the latest patch and a teaser of what’s yet to come in-game before Cataclysm hits, and the talent calculator has been updated with a built-in library of user’s builds.
Last but not least, there’s a bunch of translations for Polish players including the Cataclysm cinematic with Polish subtitles and The Stonecore preview.

Italian site WoW Italia has posted a guide to the seasonal event, Hallow’s End.

Serbian site WoW-Serbia has posted several videos of Cataclysm raid events, and a translated BlizzCon 2010 schedule with local Serbian times.

English site WoWJuju has a list of WoW panels from BlizzCon 2010 that it will be following closely and reporting on.

English site Myndflame has released the latest episode of ROFLBear for you to check out.

Czech and Slovak site Wow.herniweb.cz has posted the Cataclysm cinematic and TV spots with Czech subtitles.

Danish site WoW.gaming.dk has already posted its first impressions of BlizzCon 2010, presented in a series of videos.

Finnish site Goblin Explosives Network is also attending BlizzCon, and has published its first article on the event. Stay tuned for more over the weekend.

Hungarian site World of Warcraft Hungary has another History Class article, this time looking at three demi-gods from the Warcraft lore; Agamaggan, Goldrinn and Tortolla.

Italian site Battlecraft has posted the next part of its lore article on Garrosh Hellscream.
There’s also a guide to Hallow’s End

Polish site World of Warcraft Poland is looking for news writers, check the article for more info.

Turkish site WoW-TR has posted the Cataclysm cinematic with Turkish subtitles,
and also has a guide to Hallow’s End.

Be sure to check out our other official fansites for their latest news and information.

World of ComicCraft:

Envy: The Comics: This is it

World of Questcraft: Hallows End

Beyond the Tree: An apple a day..

Dark Legacy Comics: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Looking For Group: You were warned.

Teh Gladiators: Ze Key Deception!

Blood and Thunder!: Goblins: The New Race. Part 1

GU Comics: Booty Bay

Other Stuff:

Kazilia of Hellfire has been working on a real life Shadowmourne! You can see images of the work so far in the forum thread.

Efranda of Defias Brotherhood made this picture and machinima of his characters.

Baka has put together The Snows of Northrend, an atmospheric series of screenshots set over a beautiful soundtrack, reminding us of some of the stunning backdrops and vistas in Wrath of the Lich King.

Pointyhorns has created a new YouTube channel for Druid tanks.

Acrona posted a video of the fablulous Scarecrow’s Night: Masquerade, the in-game community event which recently took place on Argent Dawn.

Sinnadrin posted a link to Faces of Cataclysm: Chapter II, the second part of an awesome machinima series that we featured in a previous Community News.

Cheshin has uploaded more pictures of her homemade Warlock, Doomguad and Felhound figurines.

Ziggy posted his Rockycraft machinima, a fusion of WoW and Rocky 3.

Community Events:

Event: The Grand Scare II story contest – 6 - 25 October
Description: Things that go bump, chills up your spine, ghosts and horrible hauntings are all things that fill the hearts and minds at this time of year. Share a spooky, story about your greatest hero! The Archives has some amazing prizes for those who can scare us most of all!
Realm: Argent Dawn
Organized by: Tsathoggua
More Information: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14870318284&sid=1

Event: Council of the Horde – 23 October, 19:00 realm time
Description: The world is in unrest and the Alliance threatens to strike us again. It has been more than three years since the last gathering of the Council of the Horde and the resulting events. Now that the Lich King has fallen, the rivalling factions turn to each other once again and war threatens our very existence.
Realm: Argen Dawn
Organized by: Caerake
More Information: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14989909336&sid=1

Event: Hallows End Masque Gala & Banquet – 23 October, 19:00 realm time
Description: Mrs. Karlotta Mondova of the Royal Surveyors Society and Baron Ilron Dreadfist of Brill request your attendence to a Grand Costume Ball and Play on Hallows End to help them close the year's court of Darkness and welcome the coming of a new Hallows End Court.
Realm: Argent Dawn
Organized by: Tsathoggua
More Information: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14870318282&sid=1

Event: Secrets of the Kaldorei – 24 October, 20:30 realm time
Description: Secrets of the Kaldorei is a treasure hunt – like event, combined with some lore knowledge and in game mechanics, which all sums up to a contest involving lots of riddles, questions, and puzzles
Realm: Moonglade
Organized by: Knights of the Ebon Flame
More Information: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=14713202636&sid=1

Event: Tales and Legends night – 29 October, 20:30 realm time
Description: It be time for anotha' tales and legends night! Seein' as dis be da time of year ta shiver, me will ask ya ta prepare da scariest stories ya know! If we go home without lookin' around every dark corner, it was not scary 'nough!
Realm: Darkmoon Faire
Organized by: Zhinlan/Zhinsa
More Information: http://www.goblinexplosives.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=3321

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! :-)