#0 - Oct. 20, 2010, 2:12 p.m.
Blizzard Post
After dominating the competition at Regional tournaments held around the globe, eight teams have been invited to compete for $120,000 at this year's BlizzCon 2010 World of Warcraft Arena Global Invitational.

    compLexity.Red - North America
    Kelvin "Snutz" Nguyen (Human Warlock)
    Alex "Sodah" Ringe (Night Elf Druid)
    Elliot "Venruki" Venczel (Human Mage)

    When the Stars Align - North America
    Rodney "Talbadar" Pare (Undead Priest)
    Kyle "Novoz" Mckitrick (Orc Shaman)
    Alexey "Diziet" Malafeev (Tauren Druid)

    *aAa* - Europe
    Romain "Hrk" Neveu (Draenei Shaman)
    Alexis "Enigmz" Martin (Night Elf Druid)
    Fabio "Jamesbond" Nardelli (Human Warlock)

    LightZ CaMerA ActioN - Europe
    Anton "Dayliex" Kudryavtsev (Draenei Shaman)
    Patrick "Inflame" Costales (Human Warlock)
    Jenõ "Lopaay" Tanis (Night Elf Druid)

    Loaded - South Korea
    Nae-Hyun "Orangemarmal" Kang (Undead Mage)
    Seoung-Ouk "Numberone" Oh (Undead Priest)
    Min-Kyu "Satz" Cho (Undead Rogue)

    MLS - South Korea
    Dong-Kyu "Fascinate" Kim (Draenei Shaman)
    Hyung-Seob "Lonewolf" Kim (Human Warlock)
    Dong-Jin "Gasper" Moon (Human Mage)

    Tt eSports - Taiwan
    Chieh-Hao "KEK" Teng (Blood Elf Paladin)
    Chi-Shing "GUCCI" Cheung (Orc Death Knight)
    Hui-Chung "Mistake" Chen (Tauren Druid)

    ROC - Taiwan
    Chien-Cheng "Wanfu" Kuo (Orc Warrior)
    Peng-Pan "Pan" Fung (Undead Warlock)
    Yu-Hsien "Cky" Huang (Tauren Druid)

The first round of upper bracket matches will begin this Friday, October 22, at 21:00 CEST on the WoW Tournament Stage in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center. If you're travelling to BlizzCon this year, we hope to see you there! We also encourage those of you viewing from home to tune into DIRECTV or the BlizzCon 2010 live Internet stream so you don't miss out on any of the excitement.

BlizzCon 2010 Schedule: http://eu.blizzard.com/blizzcon/events/schedule.xml
Floor Map: http://eu.blizzard.com/blizzcon/events/map.xml
DIRECTV: http://www.blizzard.directv.com/DTVAPP/index.jsp
BlizzCon Internet Stream: http://blizzcon.rayv.com/

Congratulations to all of our World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Arena competitors, and good luck!