#0 - Oct. 13, 2010, 6:06 p.m.
Blizzard Post
As previously announced ( http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=12730425011 ), we're changing many of the stats in the game. Some stats are being removed entirely, while others are being redefined. These stat changes will affect gems as well, as we've made a series of basic changes to them, including colour changes and stat conversions.

Gems are being changed as follows:

Colour Changes
  • Hit is now blue. This makes blue gems interesting for all specs and classes.

  • Mastery and Dodge are now yellow. This change ensures good yellow gem choices continue to exist for tanking. The addition of Mastery to yellow increases the colour's value to all specs.

  • Intellect is now red. Red needs to be a great choice for casters, and a universally good colour for all specs.

If after the patch you have gems that have changed colour, they may no longer match the socket they're in, and the socket bonuses will no longer be applied.

Some stats are being converted into others as detailed below:

Stat Conversion
  • Attack Power is converted to Agility.

  • Spell Power is converted to Intellect.

  • Mana/5 is converted to Spirit.

  • Defense is converted to Dodge, and sometimes Parry.

  • Armor Penetration is generally converted to Critical Strike.