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Vaneras, Slorkuz & Wryxian 10/09/2010


WoWJuju has updated their site with an article about Class Specific UI and Spells Changes in Cataclysm
And they have also posted a very nice preview of Uldum.

WoWCenter.pl has plenty of updates this week, one of them being a huge summary of Cataclysm beta updates, covering tons of things about pretty much anything Cataclysm.
They have also posted a big article about the new Gnome starting experience in Cataclysm, which is definitely worth checking out.
Last but not least, they have updated their Cataclysm Talent Calculator and Cataclysm Maps to reflect the most recent changes.
Cataclysm Talent Calculator - http://www.wowcenter.pl/Talenty/Cataclysm.html
Cataclysm Maps - http://www.wowcenter.pl/Mapy/Cataclysm.html

WoW-Serbia has been busy as usual creating awesome previews of the different Cataclysm zones, and this week you can find footage from Vashj’ir Kelp Forest, Vashj’ir Shimmering Expanse and the Twilight Highlands.
Vashj’ir Kelp Forest - http://www.wow-serbia.com/cataclysm/zones/vashjir-kelp-forest-201009092344/
Vashj’ir Shimmering Expanse - http://www.wow-serbia.com/cataclysm/zones/vashjir-shimmering-expanse-201009092345/
Twilight Highlands - http://www.wow-serbia.com/cataclysm/zones/twilight-highlands-201008132276/
On this site you can also find some nice video footage on the retaking of Gnomeregan & Echo Isles events.

Battlecraft has made some nice videos, with Italian subtitles of course, showing the different race introductions in Cataclysm. Not all race introductions are there just yet, but be sure to keep an eye on their site, because the missing ones will be revealed very soon.

WoW Italia have some nice updates this week, one of them being about reforging in Cataclysm and how it works.
They have also posted some nice Italian translations of the Darkshore and the Barrens Cataclysm previews.
Darkshore - http://wow.multiplayer.it/default.cfm?paginaweb=news_dettaglio.cfm&mid=933
The Barrens - http://wow.multiplayer.it/default.cfm?paginaweb=news_dettaglio.cfm&mid=934

LevelCap.se has updated their site with some nice guides and articles for the Swedish players out there. Amongst these nice updates, you can learn how to get to Vashj'ir
And how to obtain a Seahorse.

Myndflame has posted more ROFLBear episodes on their site, the latest ones being Abuct-a-Thon and Turkey Battle 2.
Abuct-a-Thon - http://myndflame.com/videos/roflbear/23-abuct-a-thon/
Turkey Battle 2 - http://myndflame.com/videos/roflbear/24-turkey-battle-2/

Be sure to check out our other official fansites for their latest news and information.

World of ComicCraft:

Wonder what causes the cave walls to be so smooth…

What or who is Blizzard Entertainment?

Recycling or resurrection… two sides of the same coin really.

It hurts more than she can describe!

Not in the face! Be civilized!

In the depths of Undercity, an Orc sees a doctor about a problem…

So… How’s the beta?

Have you read the adventures of Byron The Tauren Rogue?

Other Stuff:

Last week, the Argent Dawn realm guilds Tel's Travelling Tankard and The Golden Keg organised the Dwarven District's Drinkathon event in Stormwind, which resulted in a lot of fun and some great video footage.

Melvenor of Defias Brotherhood has begun a new series of short machinima stories, all of them related to Cataclysm in one way or another. Watch the first chapter here: Faces of Cataclysm - Sons of Grim Batol.

Irdeen Productions "Boomdeyada", an original production inspired by the Discovery.com "I Love the Whole World" song, has now been watched well over a million times on yourtube, which can be seen as a testament on how awesome this machinima is.

Community Events:

Event: Farewell Old Eastern Kingdoms – September 10th - 19:30 realm time
Description: Cataclysm is coming soon, so this is a chance to gather up with friends and see the Eastern Kingdoms for the last time before the expansion changes it forever.
Realm: Saurfang
Organized by: Undefeatabll
More Information:

Event: The Ironforge Bank Job! – September 11th - 15:00 realm time
Description: The Horde has decided to take a look at what’s inside the Alliance safety deposit boxes of Ironforge. The Alliance better prepare to defend their bank if they don’t want to lose their savings.
Realm: Agamaggan
Organized by: Uroo
More Information:

Event: Defias Brotherhood Anniversary War no. 5 – September 13th & 14th - 20:00 realm time
Description: The Defias Brotherhood realm has been around for five years, which will be celebrated with some epic World PvP for all to enjoy.
Realm: Defias Brotherhood
Organized by: Orcs of the Red Blade
More Information:

Have a glorious weekend everybody! :-)