Which class should I play?

#0 - July 26, 2010, 4:10 p.m.
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Since this is running through my head for a couple of days now and I still didn't manage to figure it out, I'm looking for an advice here, on the forums.

What's my problem? Simply - class selection, but it's not that simple, read along.

The thing is, right now I've got two 80 toons, a Warrior and a Priest. They're both about the same GearScore ( 4k ) and the main thing, I don't know which I like the most. I've been playing Warrior for about a year over my whole WoW - Carrier, never really played Priest much.

My point of interest with the Priest is probably healing, discipline to be exact, however with the Warrior I'd like to go Fury, melee-dps said in other way.

Now, why can't I just play them for a while and decide who I like the most and play him, right? Right.

I just can't decide.

When I'm on my warrior, I enjoy it and the vision of obtaining better gear, thus of doing more damage and generally having more fun, is nice.

On the other hand,
when I'm on my Priest, I enjoy healing and since I've never healed a Raid before, it just sound great.

When I'm on my warrior, I'm thinking about my priest.
When I'm on my priest, I'm thinking about my warrior.

I just somehow can't tell what's more enjoyable to me.

Is there any way you know and you could tell me, or do you have any other advice? Class opinions are welcome, everything is welcome except of trolling.

#1 - July 26, 2010, 4:36 p.m.
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So many classes, so little time! Which character to focus on can be a tough decision at times, and it is one that I personally have also had some struggle with over the years. Deciding which one is more fun to play can be a tough question to solve and I have to admit that even now I'm not sure that the one I've chosen to play the most is also the one that I enjoy playing the most.

But one thing has struck me recently is this: why does it matter to try and quantify which one is more fun? Surely it is better to just think "I'm having fun now, doing this" -- whatever it is. If you are having fun now doing what you're doing now, stick at it. Try and kerb your thoughts towards just enjoying the moment rather than contemplating how much fun you could also have at some other time, other than right here and right now.

If you're simply not having fun, then move on to something else you find more fun instead. If you're still uncertain and you have the time to spend on both classes, then that's great for you; not everyone has the time for this! So my advice is to just focus on the fact that you're having fun and perhaps try not to be as concerned about quantifying what is the most fun. What does it matter when you're having fun right now?