Farstrider and Highborne customisations for Elves - PLS

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Don’t forget blizz, with all the new options coming out

  • Farstrider for Blood Elves
  • Highborne for Night Elves

I’m impressed dwarves are getting the chance to play the fantasy of the Wildhammer through the customisation options and Humans better racial representation too. Which makes me excited and curious for two elven faves of mine getting customisations, they are the Farstriders in the Blood elves, and Highborne in the Night Elves.

Now I wonder if Blood elves would get a:

Blood Elf Farstrider customisation - with

  • Tattoos - as we see on Alleria. On body and face would be cool. Not like the Night elf ones, but completely unique,
  • More wilder , posy hairstyles - the Void elf male hairstyle that had half the head shaved with the other half flowing is the type of “wild” I mean
  • Deeper tanned skin options - as they are outside a lot, on tree tops usually so in direct sunlight, o r roaming on missions for Quel’thalas.
  • Scruffier and fuller beards - perfect grooming is not always possible and long missions outdoors, and as you’re not amongst high society all the time, there isn’t as much need.
  • Scars: As we see on Lor’themar, always fighting enemies in rogue missions, tumbling through branches, doing the elite hard stuff - unlike a caster from range, you’re gonna look more worn even if you’re pretty.

Which would do good for Farstrider types, but it’s not enough. Tattoos, rings, certain unique hairstyles and possibly locked to the hunter/rogue/warrior classes only.

Also the more adventerous darker type of blood elf.

Most famous Thalassians are farstriders, yet only Alleria seems to capture that look decently, the current BElf model seems modelled on the Magister and noble, which is fits priests and mages and DH on the fel elf, but the farstrider could be awesome.

Also if Night elves would get

Night Elf Highborne customisations -

  • Don’t forget that too, would be nice to see fancier NElves for a changed
  • Some better looking and younger faces
  • Neater, less bushy and stylish intricate hair styles
  • Arcane features reflecting their mastery (glowy hands, arcane tattoos, glitter-type star effects for their hair)
  • Neater more stylised designer beards fitting a Lord or high nobleman
  • Musculature variations from a more toned down version of the current model to the more ripped DH option - although the robe gear do take care of this somewhat.
  • Ornamentation - extravagant, rich, wealthy gold and star sparkling silver coronets, bands, jewels, with effectively like floating round the face. (some moon jewelry for priests)
  • Different idle pose - the one they have in robes screams servant not Lord.
  • Make sure males can have silver eyes, and females golden eyes

Excellent example of how you’d imagine a Highborne that capture the look perfectly, ornamentation, star effects, beard quality, face quality etc. screams Highborne.
https://imgur.com/a/lA7CMa9 - by Beurghes/Iseijin

Notice the current in-game Nelf male is modelled on a druid, humbler pose, bushier beards/hair , females on the sentinel with their 4 packs and crooked eyebrow - we need options that scream highborne, elegant Moon Priest - the civilization side.

Can choose to lock to mage/priest class would make it obvious (some of the options anyway) like horns/eye masks are only availl on DK even though main NELf has an eye cover option, or make it accessible to all, just a bit obvious which ones are highborne - maybe link

What you guys want?

[EDITED heavily adding some good options given later on in post, will update when can]
EDIT ADD: Here are some Additional Ideas/Options: - like all things, do note, not everyone is going to like or agree, however that is the beauty of having options, there is something for everyone

San’layn Darkfallen Customisation

  1. Red eye option on BElves
  2. Potential fanged teeth
  3. Skin tones similar to the san’layn /dark fallen elves in ICC and dark rangers

Illidari Warlocks

  1. Blood elf warlocks have the option to get the Illidari DH skins in addition to the normal BElf skins (an Illidari can easily be a warlock - one that hates demons but uses them and their power completley)

  2. Night Elf can have a warlock class option that uses only the Illidari models - the Fel Lord Demon Hunter or Warlock Demon Hunter (whatever lore name). I can easily see an Illidari Night elf as a warlock, but never a normal night elf. They would use the DH starting experience too, but as a lock.

  3. Draenei can have the Eredar customisation in a similar way for the Warlock class - especially if blizz decides not to have them as an allied race, some Eredar are Illidari, like Night elf, no normal draenei would be a lock, but a Man’ari Eredar as an Illidari would. Blizz would have to decide. THe skin option could extend to the Mage class too or more, however they should share the DH starting experience. I see no trouble with a Warlock Demon Hunter (use another name though, like Fel Lord Illidari but it’s a warlock for class purposes)

Night Elves

For ALL Night Elves, first of all:

  • eyebrows and hairstyle should be customized separately
  • Normal Nelf male body needs HD textures like the DH version
  • facial tattoos and hair color should be customized separately
  • as a rule, the males currently have darker skins than females.
    Make it so that both genders can access to both lighter and darker skin tones!
  • same goes for the eye colors: gold and silver should be available to both males and females, as well as emerald green Malfurion which should take over from gold as the go to for druids, gold remaining those of great destiny. And black reflecting the night warrior and New blackmoon order :slight_smile:
  • Low musculature skins, normal musculature, DH level ripped musculature options (males and females) it looks weird for a priestess or highborne to be have a 4 pack, but the option should be in the palyers hands, so they can be more muscular if they prefer or less.

As for additions:

  • new hair colors such as anything seen in the Azshara video
    (blond, red, black and/or darker shades of purple and blue)
  • electric skin shades like Azshara’s :woman_genie:
  • extra light skin shades in the style of the Highborne NPCs
  • darker skin shades related to Troll heritage (such as a proper purple)
  • new eye colors: green (druids, like Malfurion) and purple (magic users)
  • new tattoo colors (a ‘glowing’ white/silver and arcane purple for highborne would be awesome)
  • a few younger faces (especially the males!)
  • jewelry (tiaras, earrings - both Blood Elves and Nightborne use them!) :gem:
  • fancier haircuts (possibly based of those created for the allied races?)

Druid Customisations
While the current male night elf is modelled on the druid, with its wilder beards and bushier hair, tone of voice etc. Still more options would be good including

  • Malfurion level types of beards (males)
  • Hair effects with leaf & branches ornamention (highborne options have the star glitter and jewels) (male and female)
  • Mini antlers
  • More faces


Here are propositions for hairstyles:



Troll guys should have set of beards to pick from, especially goaties.

Troll females should have more facial paint options, I always wanted simple stripe over the eyes - with black paint. And ofc jewelry. Not just bone one, but for example ear-rings shaped like snakes.

Regarding model The troll fans would like for texture on troll male to be revisited. Both Troll male and nelf male were likely done last and it really shows. When you campare troll male to troll female or Zandalari the quality in texture is huge.

It would be also great if their arms would be by tiny bit buffed as from the side they look reasonably muscular but from behind they look very thin for some reason.

https://i.imgur.com/cQKav0v.jpg < for example

And those are imo ideal changes:

https://i.imgur.com/68gTtZJ.jpg (borrowed from mmo-c thread)

And I feel this hairstyle would fit more a troll female :




  • Night elf skins options replacing humans (if they don’t become a worgen based allied race later on)

Popular Features Across the Board

  • Body size sliders (even if that’s too much - it is hugely popular)
  • Sliders for nose/mouth/eyes etc
  • Set a different default expression [frown, smile, grimace, sulky, angry, happy, peaceful, snarly, proud, mocking]
  • don’t the new models have some incredible facial expression capabilities would be awesome if each face could vary its expression.
  • Live action 3-D portrait instead of a 2-D portrait, the option to actually see your characters real time expression - catch the change in face when it’s casting, striking, being hit, dying, healing, laughing - it basically is a full time live camera of your characters face, so you can enjoy some of those details you guys worked so hard on in 6.0 but players seldom get to see because they see their character’s back.
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#38 - April 21, 2020, 12:06 p.m.
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This has been a great discussion so far, thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone!

What other customisation options would you like to see based on what’s been shown so far?