#0 - June 16, 2010, 8:25 p.m.
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Vaneras, Slorkuz, Wryxian & Ancilorn

This week on the WoW Europe Community forums:

In a world of fantasy who do you think would win the Azeroth Cup?

If you were Deathwing, how would you lay waste to Azeroth?

Here’s a quick question. Do you like the Dungeon Finder Tool?

A poster this week asked how to bench his main and move on to another alt character full time. Help this poor soul go from being a warlock to a druid!

Do you have any tips to help Reefar move from Clicking to Keybinding? Share them in his thread!

If you could go back in time and tell us here at Blizzard Entertainment something, what would it be?

Guides, Guides, Guides!

iPhone® and iPod touch® users take note, that you may be prompted to upgrade to a new OS soon, and if you have the Mobile Authenticator, this thread should prove useful in keeping the Authenticator synchronised.

Here is a cool guide on how to farm gold with your friends!

Slecinka has come up with some great (yet hilarious ) tips on topping those healing meters because we all know that’s what counts! ;)

Lastly this week Takai has come up with a great Fire mage guide. Well worth a read if you want to ignite the Damage meters!

Have a magnificent week everybody :-)