#0 - April 13, 2010, 3:36 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Update (21/04/2010)

Mazrigos is now a PvE realm! Starting today, this realm will be recommended for New Players, which means a lot of people will be creating new characters on this realm. These will be a mix of completely new players as well as experienced veterans who are looking for a new start. We hope you will make these people welcome here on Mazrigos.

If you're still wanting to move to a PvP realm, the free Character Moves to Ahn'Qiraj, Vashj and Deathwing are still available until the 18th of May.

Original message (13/04/2010):

As part of our continued efforts to balance the World of Warcraft player population across all realms, we will be converting one of our lower-population European PvP realms -- Mazrigos -- to a Normal PvE realm. For players on Mazrigos, we will be offering free Character Moves to alternate PvP realms both before and after the conversion takes place. This will allow us to continue to support healthy communities on the realms and help new players transition easily into the community.

The conversion will take place on April 21, with the Character Moves opening on April 14 and lasting until May 18. Upon being converted to Normal PvE, Mazrigos will be given the “New Players” flag to ensure an influx of players over the coming weeks.

The following realms are the destination realms for the Mazrigos Free Character Moves:

Ahn'Qiraj of the Reckoning / Abrechnung battlegroup

Vashj of the Rampage / Saccage battlegroup

Deathwing of the Cataclysm / Cataclysme battlegroup

For any questions, please refer to the main thread in the Mazrigos realm forum: