[Story] I died in a quest while leveling!

#1 - March 8, 2020, 10:33 a.m.
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While i was leveling in Grizzily Hills with a level 79 hunter, and i was doing the quest to kill Arugal.

The quest requiered 3 player, but beacause i’m a hunter ignored that warning since myself we are already 2 in my head ( me and my pet in leveling :smiley: !) and gone head on !

I could done all normal mobs easely and elite mobs fines.

But when i was on Arugal i opened with misdirection at the start, but later in the match against Arugal he summoned 5 more add while misdirection was on cooldown ! Not prepared i tryed to kill them all and set all aggro on my pet to survive !

It was too late, loosing aggro killed me.

I was shocked by diying in questing against leveling mobs, even i main MM hunter doing +15 and HM nyalotha i died to a mobs !

At this time i felt both enjoyment and dissapointement. Since 5 years i didn’t die to mobs in leveling in retails :smile:

Ive retryed later with bloodlust and all cooldown to kill Arugal, and i’ve done it (exept that my pet died in the end :cry:)

It felt soo good to get me a quest that i got difficulty on it, it was immersive for me.

I hope quest in Shadowlands could be like " it’s naturally harder, but if you make friend it’s will be more easylier" So people that want hard difficulty while questing can get it and new player can enjoy experience of friendship while leveling too !
( Personnaly it was late last night so no one was on Grizzily Hills to help me so i’ve done it solo )

5 years i do not died in mobs, felt so good to get that feeling again :smile: !

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#11 - March 8, 2020, 11:39 a.m.
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A great man once said;

“Why do we fall, sir? … So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

These moments can sometimes be frustrating, but they can also make us feel more like we are in a world where challenge means something. :smiley: