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#0 - March 4, 2010, 7:28 p.m.
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A sad news to wow community ...

A GM of Outland`s top guild UNION take away his life ....

Post subject: Re: David (Xaneda)
PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:15 pm

I feel terrible about this atm. As you know, David and myself had an interesting relationship, but we'd recently resumed friendly terms a couple of weeks ago. Mutual chat about tactics, pestering him for 10 mans, asking his opinion on players, etc.

The truth is, I was worried about this happening when I heard about his upcoming holiday. I don't know why but I even checked for his name on Google news yesterday when I didn't see him online. I wish I'd known about the GM thing.

About 8 months ago he told me that he was planning to commit suicide before he turned 26. We were arguing a bit over some Ulduar raid, but he went quiet and told me this as seriously as you could. He said that he didn't feel the connections to others that other people felt. He didn't feel attached to anyone. He told me that his parents thought that he was studying but he'd been playing WOW and hadn't been to classes in years. He told me that he was getting into debt and that he'd deal with it like this.

I thought he was just trying to justify himself with some morbid promise that "the guild will be yours soon, after I'm gone" but it did play on my mind. And has done ever since. I didn't think it was right to raise it with the rest of you because it would seem bitter (given what happened next) and would betray his confidence. And from all accounts, he seemed happier and more relaxed. Before I left, I tried to get him to channel his aggression into other things but he was his own person.

I thought the lying to his parents had ended (he once told me that they'd found out) and he had told me that he was visiting them and thought that he might not be able to play anymore (meaning they'd stop him from playing WOW) but that weekend passed and he ended up with a new microwave and seeming unconcerned.

As his 26th birthday approached, I did raise it with Gurd to pass onto Kris (his housemate) but it turned out this wasn't the first time that something like this had been said and I guess we all took it too lightly. He wasn't the sort. He was too strong.

David was an amazing raid leader, best I've ever played with. He could motivate players who were half asleep and demanded a lot from people. I'm probably a different person from knowing him because he made me learn to look at my faults. I think there'll always be a little Xaneda screaming in my head."

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I am sorry for the loss, however, I'm afraid threads like this are a magnet for heartless and completely insensitive posters, hence the lock and forum vacations to those with ill intentions.