#0 - Feb. 24, 2010, 2:03 p.m.
Blizzard Post
This week on the WoW Europe Community forums:

Xenoronin continues to deliver this week and has given us the next edition of PMUI: Episode 105!

Often on the forums people ask the community some simple yet interesting questions. This week we have a couple of those, one asks which 3 items will your character never destroy?

The second asks us all what our favourite mount is, so do let us know!

With the Lich King felled, a shift in focus is soon to take place as the ears and eyes of all on Azeroth look to the skies... Are you ready to face the Cataclysm? Be sure to stop by Fernandó's handy Cataclysm Information thread for lots of Cataclysmic insight!

Whilst on the subject of the Cataclysm, why not get creative? Do you have ideas for what would be a cool Battleground in the upcoming expansion, or just for any use? Let us know in this thread what ideas you have!

Guides, Guides, and More Guides!

Optec is a budding Warlock from the Trollbane realm, and has come to share her guide on playing as Destruction in a PvE environment!

Prizm has written a small yet potent guide on playing as an Arcane Mage.

Professions change patch by patch. Dharock has tried (and succeeded we might add) to summarise the basics of professions in patch 3.3.