19/02 Assault on the Ruby Sanctum

#0 - Feb. 19, 2010, 8 p.m.
Blizzard Post
As we prepare for the public testing phase of minor content patch 3.3.3, some players might come across information regarding upcoming content that isn't yet available. To avoid any confusion, we'd like to tell you about an exciting new raid dungeon we are working on for content patch 3.3.5.

The Ruby Sanctum
A powerful war party of the Black Dragonflight, led by the fearsome Twilight dragon, Halion, have launched an assault upon the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple. By destroying the sanctum, the Black Dragonflight look to crush those that would stand in the way of their master’s reemergence into Azeroth and to ultimately shatter the Wyrmrest Accord – the sacred bond that unites the dragonflights.

The battle that is to come will surely deal a crippling blow to the Red Dragonflight, however, it is up to you to stop this unprecedented offensive and defend the Ruby Sanctum. First you must face the assault of Halion's servants, Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Warborn, and General Zarithrian, before squaring off against Halion the Twilight Destroyer, a new and deadly force in this realm.

The Ruby Sanctum will feature 10- and 25-player content, Heroic difficulties and all-new rewards! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to its release.
#2 - Feb. 19, 2010, 8:12 p.m.
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I whas expecting a troll raid but this is way better.
#17 - Feb. 19, 2010, 9:34 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
So the question now is, is it a single boss encounter like Sartharion with 3 mini bosses? Or are we talking the biggest Dragon raid since BWL?
Yeah it's not like major patch type content, but it's certainly intriguing. A nice hint toward the cataclysm that currently seems to slumber before our very eyes, as many of us continue in our epic struggle against the Lich King and the dastardlly denizens of Icecrown Citadel.