FAMQ - Frequently Asked Mage Questions

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seeing as more than once a day someone makes a topic about something that's already been asked, and responded to hundereds of times before. Alright I admit the search function couldn't find a DoT in an All Shadowpriest Raid, but take the time to use your eyes and at least read the stickies.

Why does my dps suck?
At least one of the following applies to you:
- bad gear
- bad spec
- bad 'rotation'
- using downranked spells
to solve, take the standard spec that everyone is using, learn which stats are good for you and gear properly in the future, and cast the correct ranked spells spells when they are meant to be cast and in the correct order.

Torment the Weak?
This ability increases damage by 12% for spells the listed, when any type of slow or snare is on the target. Slow can be applied to raid bosses. You do not need to take Slow, as any attack speed slow will work, and every Tank applies one: Thunder Clap, Judgements of the Just, Icy Touch, Infected Wounds.
Note the lack of any word beginning with "o" in it. It's acronym is therefore ttw or TTW or TtW. not totw.

Nerf Mages
This is not a question. Please provide a reason and make the post constructive or STFU and GTFO.

Which Race?
read. the. stickies. Looks > Racials, but if you really care, then:
Alliance PvP: Human/Gnome
Alliance PvE: Gnome
Horde PvP: Undead/BloodElf/Troll depending on preference/opponent
Horde PvE: Troll

Mage or CLASS_X?
Only you can answer that. Do you prefer a mage's playstyle to CLASS_X's? Do you like the idea that you're stuck as DPS and will therefore have longer waits and be more expendable than tanks and healers and if you change your mind you need to reroll? Watch some mage PvP videos, compare them to CLASS_X's. Not rolling for PvP: learn the rotations and see if they are boring? ultimately its up to you. You could just make both.

How does GAME_MECHANIC_X work?
this is the mage forum. If you really have to know, go to www.wowwiki.com/game_mehanic_x

Really Basic Question relating to Mages / What does MAGE_RELATED_TERM mean? / What Spec should I use? / How do I Level?
Read. The. Stickies.
They would direct you to http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=10711273057

what is the Arcane Rotation?
cast arcane blast until you get a missile barrage proc.
cast arcane blast until you have 4 stacks of arcane blast
cast arcane missiles
throw in cooldowns when available and appropriate, try to combine them for maximum effectiveness.
if you need to move, blink.
there are some fights where you'll want wards, ice block, or perhaps arcane barrage... these are exceptions to the rule.

But Arcane Barrage?
no. generally if the fight is that movement intensive, you'll get better dps as another spec, with a few exceptions.

What about Fire?
fire does not have a rotation, it has too many things to manage. It goes sort of like this:

keep improved scorch on the target at all times, (only if you need to apply scorch).
recast living bomb after it explodes
use hot streak procs
use fireball
again, try to combine cooldowns.
also, note that arcane does more dps.

Why do mages never give me focus magic?
Because we don't want to. Generally every magic using class crits often enough to keep the proc up permanantly, but mages are selfish. You should know that by now. We give something only if we'll get something in return. You complain that we are unhelpful and resentful about making portals and tables, so why do you expect 3% more crit from us? And why do you need it more than the other mage i was going to give it to? If I'm the only mage and you get the most out of extra crit, feel free to ask, but otherwise its a mage only thing. We see that talent as +6% crit for us, and if we share it among non mages, it drops to +3% crit.

Why do you complain about portals and tables?
TLDR: we're mean and stingy.

yes the reagents are cheap, yes they available from any city, but look at it from the mage's perspective. For portals, he needs an extra inventory space, has to drop whatever he's doing, and more importantly has to listen to lots of these requests when he's in a city. Add to that you might not even be nearby, in which case he has to go and meet you, and there's travel time involved. Time is money. If you're too impolite to ask in english, or demand something that has a cost for free, forget it unless the mage is absurdly nice. "portal plz" = /ignore. If we do make the portal, say "thankyou" or something, after all we just wasted 10 seconds casting, not to mention getting to you. If 5G (or whatever the mage charges, sometimes its only 1G) is too much, you can always wait 30 mins for your Hearthstone, or take a taxi service, this may be faster, especially if you mention the word "plz".

tables... table tables... first of all, why do we need to make one? in a 5man we can just conjure water for healers and other mana using dps, we dont actually need to spend our money on it. Secondly make sure that if we do make one, you click the damn portal, its kind of offputting to have you ignoring out attempt to make the table you wanted at our expense. Secondly in Battlegrounds, why do you expect the mage to give you a table... anymore than say expect a soulwell from a lock, or a blessing from a paladin. Generally its everything else that makes the difference anyway. You'll usually die and respawn rather than eat. The exception is healers, who have a reason to refill their mana, and we can trade their food to them from the table we made at the start of the previous batttleground. More importantly, if you feel you are going to want something to drink in a battleground then buy some beforehand. It won't cost you anything except a couple of honor and a small amount of gold you can make in a HK or two.

I will be adding more as I think of them, feel free to add anything I've forgotten.
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Nice idea for a thread :-)

This has been added to the collection of good useful threads at the top of the Mage forum!