Some tips on your Paladin UI.

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Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but I couldn't see one and I thought it may be useful for people that are looking for add-ons useful to the paladin class.


I'll mainly be focusing on the melee side - Tanking and DPSing, but most the add-ons I'm using I believe are viable for holy.

Firstly, here's a link to my UI; in Retribution at a training dummy. You might want to keep this image open while reading this post.
  • In combat out of combat


    General Interface/Combat Add-Ons.

    Now let's get down to business. I'll be reviewing the addons from Top to bottom and left to right, so bear that in mind when trying to decide what add-on is what!

    - 1) Healbot; The small pink square in the upper left of my screen.
    I use this as raid frames, and use the click key bind function to have abilities such as Lay on hands, Hand of Salvation, Hand of protection available instantly. It's highly customizable, and can be resized/colored/positioned wherever you want.

    - 2) Fortress; The bars along the top of my screen, showing repair, gold and so on.
    I use this as an alternative to Titan Panel, as it's simpler, takes up less space, and you can also place different bars wherever you like. For example, when I have mail, it shows just above my character! You can also use this for auto-junk selling, auto repairs and more useful functions!

    - 3) Satrina's Buff Frames; My buffs/debuffs.
    This is one of my favorite add-ons. It allows you to move your buffs wherever you like on your screen, and heavily edit their spacing, timers, stack counters and so on. All in all, it puts my buffs where i want them, and how I want them to look.

    - 4) pError; That annoying "Spell is not ready yet" spam - removed!
    This is a useful add-on that removes that text you simply type /perror (whatever you want filtered out) and it's done!

    - 5) caelNameplates; The nameplates above the dummies in the background.
    Another add-on that simply makes default look better, as far as I'm concerned! These stack like default nameplates, but are a lot more compact.

    - 6) ClassTimer; The bars either side of my character.
    These show your buffs/debuffs on your target on either side of your character. You can also resize the bars, move them around. Resizing can be useful on keeping track of your stacks of Holy Vengeance. You can also watch your cooldowns run off/track your Art of War procs.

    - 7) MSBT; The text on the right hand side and underneath my character.
    This addon shows you a lot of things during combat. Mine is set up to show incoming heals/damage on the left, and outgoing heals/damage on the right. Underneath is where I've set notifications, which allows you to clearly see when abilities become available, without watching your action bars.

    - 8) Stuf; My unit frames.
    I simply use this addon because it required the least customization to get it the way I want it to be. It's easy to configure, as all the information you need is clearly laid out in the options menu. You can also enable debuffs to show underneath the frames, but I chose not to do this.

    - 9) Quartz; My cast bar.
    Just a useful add-on for tracking your casts, and your enemy's casts. I love it for things such as Emalon. Looks better than default cast bars.

    - 10) Clcret; The two skill icons above my target.
    No, I don't use this because I need to learn to play. I use it for raid leading/better raid awareness. I can look out for this in the corner of my eye, and still effectively raid lead and easily stick to tactics in difficult fights. It simply follows a priority order you put in, and tells you which ability to press next for efficient dps. Protection is my mainspec, so I find this addon helps me concentrate on tactics and not lag behind.

    - 11) Chatter; My chat window.
    Awesome add-on. Allows me to customize my chat window, especially the font. It also gives me a personal raid warning if my name is said in any channel, which can be useful if you're like me and don't notice every time someone asks you for something! It also allows a longer backlog, and the ability to copy and paste links, along with anything else that's been said.

    - 12) BasicMiniMap; A basic mini map!
    Not heavily customizable, simply movable, you can choose a square or circle layout, and remove all the addon buttons from around the outside. Just looks nice!

    - 13) Bartender; all my action bars.
    Allows you to put action bars wherever you want, whatever size you want and either horizontally or vertically. You can also create bars that only appear when you hover over them, which I have done with my buff bar!

    - 14) Recount; My damage meter.
    Records data during a fight and displays it in an easy to read manner. Shows other meters such as Healing done, Deaths, Damage Taken and so on. Useful to have when raiding!

    - 15) kgpanels; The block at the bottom of my screen, with most things in it!
    An addon that allows you to create customizable panels. To me it's a good way to easily clean up your UI and group everything up in one place. It is VERY customizable, you can import your own .tga artwork, or even download some packs. This is complicated, and I'd recommend reading/watching a how-to before messing around with this too much.


    Other Useful Add-ons.

    - 1) Deadly Boss Mods;
    Essential for raiders. I'd recommend either having this or BigWigs installed before you start raiding. It provides you with boss ability timers, phase timers, "move out the fire" warnings and much much more

    - 2) A bag addon.
    I use Arkinventory for sorting my items into categories. I'd look around, try Bagnon, Onebag3 and other bag add-ons to see what one suits you best!

    - 3) GearScore;
    Not essential but useful. Shows people's gear score when moused over/combined in recount. Useful if you pug often, or if you just like to have a nose around!

    - 4) TipTac;
    A tooltip addon. allows you to move the position your mouseovers go to, and customize what is shown, such as guild ranks, talent spec etc.

    **Thanks for Reading this UI guide, sorry again if it's in the wrong place.
    ***With any questions feel free to ask, or add your own suggestions!
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