#0 - Jan. 14, 2010, 1:52 p.m.
Blizzard Post
Lordaeron cannot forget the past, for the past is their greatest weapon!

The past is no more, yet the past is ever so present and often it dictates what must come to pass in the times to come.

The Royal Surveyors Society of Lordaeron spends many hours charting the past in the hope of successfully predict and influence the future. The servants of the Dark Lady must learn all they can from the past if they are to have a chance to overcome their struggles in the present, so that the future may be secured.

It is believed that the present struggle against the Great Betrayer may be won, if the secrets of Darrowshire can be unlocked. But Darrowshire is a place where the dead never sleep, where the dead are fighting a lost battle of the past every night, and where all who approach is seen as attacking minions of the scourge enemy! How can any secrets be uncovered from such a terrible place?

The Royal Surveyors Society has been tasked with uncovering the truth of Darrowshire, and they may have a way to access these secrets, for the one who brought the Scourge to Darrowshire in the past is now within reach!

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