#1 - Dec. 7, 2010, 7 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Today you can check up on the latest fansite updates, and don’t miss out on the handful of cool and interesting threads that were recently posted on our forums.


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  • Italian site Battlecraft has created a video tribute to one of the most significant characters in the World of Warcraft: Arthas Menethil. On this site you can also find an Interview with the creator of the Save Azeroth project, where more than 20000 pre-Cataclysm screenshots have been gathered.
  • Italian site World of Warcraft Italia proudly announces their release of QuestTranslator2, which is an addon that translates quests into Italian. This new version is fully compatible with Cataclysm and it has a little more than 7000 quests translated so far.
  • Turkish site WoW-TR has released part III of their article series about The Elemental Plane dungeons, this one being about Abyssal Maw and the creatures within.
  • Danish site WoW.Gaming.dk has posted a neat article about the levelling experience from 80-85. This site is also running a Cataclysm screenshot contest, where a pre-paid game card is the prize for the winner.
  • English site WoWJuju is helping you discover those dungeon entrances so you will be able to enter them via the Dungeon Finder later on.
  • Swedish site LevelCap.se has opened a new section on their site dedicated to video guides. To begin with there will mostly be guides for Heroic Dungeons, but later on there will be guides for Raid Dungeons as well.
  • Czech and Slovak site WoWfan.cz is reporting on the first player who reached level 85.
  • Hungarian site WoW-Hungary has posted a small guide on the guild levelling system and of course the guild perks and rewards that comes with it.

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