Al'Akir Realm.

#0 - Jan. 5, 2010, 11:53 p.m.
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I realise this thread might be in the wrong forum, but no one of importance read realm forums anyway so why bother posting there?

Al'Akir as a realm has serious issues -----------

-The Horde / Alliance Ratio is currently 4 / 1

- Approximately 19000 players with 15000 Horde / 3000 Alliance give or take.

-Queue lengths of up to and beyond 1000 at peak times and half that at less popular times. (occuring since new year began)

-Wintergrasp as a result is always unbalanced with horde winning 95% of time (feel sorry for the alliance as 20 stacks of tenacity really does nothing for them except for allowing to 2 shot a few unlucky horde outside the main zerg)

My suggestions are :
Open free faction change from Horde to Alliance only.
Lock all Character creation. (exception - if you have a character over level 55)
Stop all payed character transfers. (Especially to Horde side)

Once all the above have been done, you can then open free migration to decent realms.

No one wants to migrate to a low population server dominated by a certain national community. For example a free migration was recently open from Al'Akir to Hakkar, I made a low level alt there and checked out the cities on both sides only to find the trade channel was mostly in Italian/greek. I have no problem with other nationalities I just have no desire to play on a server where it pays to speak a certain language. English may not be enforced but it helps in a game as large as WoW because its widely spoken as a second language across Europe.

Anyway I imagine Al'Akir isnt the only server suffering from such problems but i do think we as a high population realm demand some attention.
#106 - Jan. 6, 2010, 9:17 p.m.
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Hiya Bluz and fellow Al'Akir peeps,

Not going to comment on the ratio or character numbers, as those are clearly based on third party sites - which are generally horribly inaccurate. That doesn't mean we don't take such into account though - we just have the luxury of access to indisputable data. ;-) /dodge

But a few other comments...

1. Partly due to the weekday on which Christmas Day and New Year's Day fell this year, the last weekend was kinda extreme with regards to players logged in at peak hours. We can't guarantee that these will drop fast, but please rest assured that this is something we're tracking very closely. We are not fond of login queues at all, even though our frustration at them is less intensive but prolonged, rather than infuriated keyboard-smashing in the heat of the moment.

2. You suggest closing paid transfers to the realm. When queues hit a certain threshold (over a period of time, not a single day) these transfers are actually blocked automatically. However, prior to this threshold we believe in allowing players who wish to hook up with friends to do so - whether by transfers or character creation. Yes, we disagree with you there, and will likely have to continue to do so. (For Movelt: that we can always say "your numbers are not correct" without justifying it with public access to the databases doesn't mean your numbers are actually correct. :p )

3. Free faction switching is an interesting suggestion. But put together with the argument that "nobody wants to move to a low-pop realm", are you sure that anyone would want to move to "the low-pop faction"? Just some food for thought though. The suggestion is in no way being ignored.

4. As Tavoc touched on, there are other realms hosting players with the same concerns. And contrary to Gaarax' comment, none of these are being ignored - it's just not as easy as flipping a switch. The above of course applies to them too. Focusing on a single realm above all others would be unfair, so while this reply is in a thread about Al'Akir, please don't expect Al'Akir to get any preferential treatment over other realms.

So, no "we'll fix everything magically right now" reply, I know, but hopefully some insight and assurance that this is in no way ignored. Free migration will continue, other options will be considered, and we'll continue to keep a very close eye on every single realm.

Oh, and people, please refrain from taking jabs at each other or troll / harass just because opinions differ.
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Q u o t e:
I lost a few brain cells trying to read and understand that :(

Sorry. :p

Q u o t e:
edit: Between the lines there I said we(community) can never have correct numbers, simply because we have no way of attaining them. Therefor, we(community) make guesstimates, and are slammed with it "every time" we try to get it out there that some servers are unplayable due to population being way high.

Not sure what you mean with "slammed with it", but while we often point out that third party numbers are not to be taken as facts, I think we're also careful to acknowledge the concern and show that we're aware of it. That the presented numbers are not correct doesn't invalidate the concern, and I hope I didn't give that impression.

Q u o t e:
Also since factionxfer is accessable these problems have increased ALOT.

I'm pretty sure the impression that faction ratios have gotten worse after the faction transfers became available is largely that; an impression. We track faction ratios as well as concurrency constantly, and I check the numbers at least weekly myself and have noticed no significant negative change on the ratios on the realms. I might be putting myself up for some flaming here, but I think it's more a matter of the faction transfers giving additional fuel to existing concerns about the faction ratio, and it really just takes one person shouting "faction transfers make ratios worse" and the bandwagon starts. Add baking soda and apply heat over 48 hours, and "faction transfers make ratios worse" is suddenly a "well known fact". ;-)

Again, however; that there might be some misconceptions and exaggerations around does in no way invalidate the concerns people bring up. Please don't read the above as a brush-off.

Q u o t e:
Make the q split evenly between horde and alliance, so you could log as the faction beein in the minority.
Before you guys nerdrage of this idea now, mix it up with a free faction xfer to the other side wich would be a tool to encourage such and also would even out the numbers rather fast.

Suggestion noted. Just please be aware that that's all it means; it's noted, it will be considered, that's it. Don't anyone come screaming a month from now saying I promised it would happen. (I've seen some interesting interpretations of a recent post by Wryxian, so... ) ;-)

Edit: @Bluz:
Q u o t e:
Your reply felt a little hostile so I would like to clarify that I was not demanding Al'Akir be given special treatment and I realise there is no over night magic fix.

Oh, it was in no way meant in any hostile way, and I didn't think you demanded special treatment. I'm sorry if it came across that way. That part was included to (yes, somewhat bluntly, I admit) make it clear there's a bigger picture which people tend to miss when looking at "local" concerns. We see that weekly in the "realms and migration" thread. ;-)
#139 - Jan. 7, 2010, 10:03 a.m.
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Thank you all for continuing to provide constructive input. I'm afraid I won't continue discussing in this thread, as I've already said what there is to say - no additional "yes, but..." or "no, you see..." will really give more insight on the matter. We do continue to monitor and address the matter closely, and continually consider new way of addressing concerns. In any case, the sticky threads is really where such info should be shared.

And it's quite likely that my comments will be misinterpreted anyway, as illustrated by this quote in one of the above replies:
Q u o t e:
Ok you stated earlier that there is nothing wrong with the balance on Al'Akir.
I never said that. ;-) (or for Unmarked: ;) )
#141 - Jan. 7, 2010, 10:25 a.m.
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Q u o t e:
Haven't you said that for a very long time now?

Can you point me to the post where it was said? Or is this a case of "you haven't fixed it, so you're saying it's fine" logic? ;-)