Zod's Repeating Longbow and flaws +MD

#0 - Jan. 8, 2010, 5:53 a.m.
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Hello fellow hunters,

i am really happy since the first week of ICC to play with that bow eventho it reset autoswing timer when the procc occured(fixed now,maybe a 3:2 macro would have solved it aswell xD).
The bow is fine and i wouldnt want to exchange it, unless once HM is available ofc.
However some things are not fine at all and i want to make that up on three points as you can read below.

1) The Proc: I like proccs, its way more fun than just "Oh yes 2 agi /3 hit and 4 stam + from my old one(besides weapon dps ofc). Yes that procc scales, unlike brynt(r)oll, with the character, but already in its bugged state i did "only" ~1% of my total dmg and assuming that we all lost on autoshots, the overall dmgportion of the procc will/has go(ne) down now, as we can fire more autoshots and the procc remains the same ammount but not portion of a players overall dmg.

Now to the actual complaint i got:
GC stated previously and today again that he is totally fine with a 3-4ish% dmg portion of an item like that 2H axe should have in its final stage. If you have read the lines above you would see that we are nowhere near that number.
Dont get me wrong im not complaining about the hunterdps in general, i also like GCs comment about beating a boss and not your fellow guildies/raiders but something tells me that if 3% on melee weapon (wich is, unlike for casters, a melees main resource of dmg) it should be fine to adjust the bow to a closer number to 3-4 than 1(as bows are our "axes"). Sidenote: The staff and the dagger have already been "fixed" and had an increase of their proccs.
Also hunters are not the rogues of 3.3 so a minor dmg boost would not really hurt our overall standing in the rngmeters, aswell as the new season weapons will be out rather soon and if the bow remains that low it could be very well true(yes im making up things here but i hope you can follow my drift here) that the new S9(?) items will blow this nice little piece of pixels out of the window.

2)The durability loss: Basically i dont give 2 cent about the gold it consumes, but it is REALLY annoying to watch your duraindicator all the time as volley(and for that matter WQ for the mmers) already diminishes our durability and now this ability aswell.
Again im not complaining about the gold it costs to repair, if you want make this bow more expensive to reapair when its finally broken (maybe even double it, i honestly dont care) but please make a convenience change, so our bow doesnt get destroyed 3 times during a raid.
It would be only a cosmetical change, it wouldnt be gamebreaking or imbalance anything it would just make this item more conveniant/enjoyable.

3)This is a concern wich not only affects the bow, it affects DMC-Death and maybe more items i fail to name now.
Yesterday(or the day before) the procc got "fixed" to procc of wyvern stings aswell, wich is a really questionable change.
There are next to no ueses for wyvern in pve(yes that one time in the summercamp i know), but there certainly are in pvp.Players will suffer from this change even more than me as a pver and already terribad pvper.
In my tiny world of logics i dont like it when i actively try to CC something but some RNGgod has just turned against me and let the procc fire and free my freshyl "uncced" target, wich can again smack my face or that of a teammate.
Back when Wotlk came out, the developers removed alot of RNGish things like warriors macestuns and simmilar, so i really dont see the point why we are goin back to a very rng based system where your success might be in the hands of the (currently) BiS weapon obtainable. I also think, no rogue likes to cheapshot a target and then get a DMC procc, wich makes the just applied cc futile.
So my suggestion: Just make sure no procc will ever activate upon a cc abilty. This again wouldnt imbalance the pve aspect and certainly just even out the pvp aspect.

Also whilst we are at it, i just came across a suggestion i was breeding uppon some weeks already, but i never found the time and willingness to post till now.
3.3 MD is awsomesauce and it so makes Anub25HM much more enjoyable BUT lets talk about the 4 seconds of transfered threat.
As we all know, the GCD for a hunter is 1,5 seconds and thus 4 seconds doesnt make 3 shots as it used to be. So please make it atleast 4,5sec or be generous and give it 5 sec to account for server/client lag.
Another part about the new MD is that it didnt only changed for the better. Pre 3.3 you could MD, wait 20 seconds, let the tank pull and then use it more ore less instantly after wich is not possible anymore and thus it actually lowers the possible threat converted to the tank, on a pull prio to this last contentpatch.
You may argue that rogues TotT has the same mechanic, wich i can volley back with, "then give us a dmg boost aswell so we can really compare them two abilities".
Dont get me wrong i dont want a dmg booster im fine with the basic mechanic but i just wanted to point out that any comparison to TotT in that matter will horridly fail.

Sincerly chuck

Take my spelling errors as a free gift xD

well if you didnt bother to read it properly, then please also dont bother to reply, ty.
#4 - Jan. 8, 2010, 1:36 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
To quote Bornakk:

Zod’s works similarly to the talent Wild Quiver. Since Wild Quiver causes extra durability through additional weapon use, Zod’s does too. We will keep an eye on it but don't have any current plans to change anything unless there is a but resulting in additional durability damage.
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